Am I being a little extreme?

I noticed this sill plate on one side of the foundation (2 different pieces) was like warped and curled up. When I felt with my hand to make sure it was not rotted or being crushed I felt no rot or anything atleast IMO. However I am asking myself why would 2 seperate pieces of wood be doing the same thing if it were say just warping. So I am open to opinions. Is this truly anything to even note or recommend having evaluated? Thanks,





On the last pic, could that pile be frass?

I think it was just not anchored to the foundation as required today…within 12" of joints and on 6’ o.c. in the field.

On the second picture, is that part of the rim joist top missing?

None of it, in your pictures, seems like a big deal from MI.

I don’t see anything worth mentioning as long it is bolted down. Wood cups a bit if nothing is on top of it. I do see a water stain on the rim joist, which would probably cause the cupping to be worse at the butt joint without that toenail in there to hold the seam together.

I did run my hand over the sill everywhere I could. Hard to get my head in there. However I saw no signs of bolting. I have noted that to be in my report already.