Am I being to picky?

I did an Inspection and when I mentioned that I had seen that there was a previous pest inspection done on the house the agent found out that there was also a home inspection done and sent me the report. There were several things in mine not in his but one thing that really bothered me was that he never mentioned the electrical run to the storage shed. His only comment was that the outlets in the shed should have plates installed.
The direct burial romex ran from the shed to the house and then plugs into the outlet under the panel which was not GFCI protected either.

Thats obviously wrong.
Did you mention the fact it had a Zinsco panel???

Type NM or UF cable is not for use with a cord cap.

I don’t see a messenger either.

I did mention the Zinsco as I always do. That wasn’t in the other report either. No messenger. When I’m talking about a shed I mean a Tuff Shed style.

Zinsco Panel prevails…
Everything down stream is in question…

Can you define picky it is what it is. I did a inspect yesterday on a house that the sellers had someone else inspect (my competitor) and I found a list of things that were obviously present at the time of the first inspect the sellers will be a little upset when they get my list of repairs. I sure hope the first inspector does not speed:twisted::twisted:

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But gee whiz it has already been pre-certified.

Did you miss the yard sign or something?