Am I Doing Anything Wrong?

I got my license in January 2017. I have a web site. I am on Facebook. I was on Home Advisor. To date I have done 30 paid inspections. It just seems like I cannot break out and get really busy.
Any advice?

my website -
I am in Middlesex County in New Jersey

Your profile does not show where you are operating. Without knowing what market you are in, it’s hard to offer any useful advice.

You provide no links to your web site or Facebook presence. No way we can evaluate those efforts, either.

You are no longer on Home Advisor, and your web site and Facebook presences are obviously not doing the trick.

Based on this scant information, I can only conclude you are not trying hard enough to market yourself, and that what little marketing you have done is ineffectual.

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Welcome Peter & good luck. :slight_smile:
Check this out, can’t hurt
BizVelop is a free business development tool that helps inspection companies grow and become more profitable

Nailed it.

It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong, it’s that you’re not really trying.

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I have a facebook page
Im on Google
I have a website -

Your website is spartan. Put some sample reports there. Put some sample defect pictures. Offer discounts…maybe to veterans, police, etc. Offer Saturday inspections.

Put a photo of you there somewhere. I would want to make sure I wasn’t hiring a 300 lb. 79 year old home inspector.

So, how’s that working for you?

Your website does not suck, but it is not outstanding. Google your competition. You will see they are providing more information.

Being a successful home inspector involves personal sales. It should be obvious to you by now that your efforts are not adequate.

Up your marketing game or find a company to work for. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it is what it is.

Thank you for your honest answers. I thought I was trying very hard. I go to open houses and leave my info. I have gotten three inspections with this method. I guess I have to keep pushing.

So far, thank all of you for the replies.

Peter IMO there is nothing better that hitting realtors offices and showing your smiling face.
I have a plan of action that has been very productive in producing inspection.
I have given it to many new inspectors that are members here.
If you want to call me I’ll try and share them with you.
To much to type here.

That’s good. You didn’t mention that in your original post.

Did you ever do any additional work for those agents? If not, were you able to determine why?

Have you read anything I’ve written? You haven’t even done the basics. For example, your website link isn’t even in your message board signature.

Go here: Inspection Business Development - Formstack . And actually read the recommended reading and do what it advises.

Where is my message board signature area?

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Check what others have at the bottom of their posts for ideas.

When you inspect a home and see a dozen realtor’s cards in the kitchen, take them (quietly) and email them a marketing letter. A lot of them are newbies as well and don’t have a favorite inspector.

Mr. Gromicko,
I appreciate your response earlier where you said “Have you read anything I’ve written? You haven’t even done the basics”. I felt this was pretty harsh to a new inspector.

I have read numerous articles and contributions of yours to InterNACHI.

I believe I have done the basics also; I have a website, a Facebook business page, I have a presence on Google, I go to real estate offices (I only left cards) and I go to open houses.
Since getting my license nine months ago I have done 32 paid inspections.
Four from the open houses, four from a free ad on Facebook marketplace, I was with Home Advisor and had a couple more there. The rest were from Google and a few realtor referrals.

I know it is said “you have to spend money to make money” and I agree. I completed your Biz survey. It seems all the items needed to increase business have a price. Brochures, new logo, new business cards etc. start adding up. I understand thats the price of doing business.

Thank you for letting me vent. Isn’t that what this is for?
I enjoy all the benefits of InerNACHI and being a proud member.

Peter Giannino
PG Home Inspections

I like that. I never thought of something as simple.

NEVER, I repeat NEVER take the business cards. Put them all together and take a picture to get the information but NEVER take them. Your area may vary but in my State the agents are required to leave a card every time they enter the home and if they don’t it can be a $5K fine for each instance. Some agents have 4-5-6 or more cards left. Never put an agent at risk by taking their cards.

That is from a business standpoint. From the most basic standpoint, don’t be a thief and don’t listen to anyone that would recommend being a thief. :roll:

How do you know a lot of them are newbies as well and don’t have a favorite inspector.