Am I man enough?

[size=3]Sometimes things happen that one is not aware of at the time they are happening which causes one to do things they shouldn’t be doing.

I got very angry at someone due to a scenario such as the one above and went off the deep end without first investigating the real problem.

In this thread I got super mad at poor old Joe Tedesco for something that I only thought had happened. Let me have a moment to explain.

Joe posted a link to my Photo Bucket account which I clicked on. The first thing I saw was a new picture had been uploaded and it was of questionable taste.
At this point I thought that Joe had somehow broken into my account and posted the link with the account open to the public.

Naturally when I open the site it is open to me due to the fact that I have it set up that way just as most open this site. I don’t have to enter my password every time I enter.

What caused me to go off the deep end was that new picture that had been uploaded to my account without my knowledge.

As most here know I teach electrical classes at the local community college. I use that site for the classes as well as personal use.
When I have a student that is doing research on code sections that don’t have access to the older code cycles I will give that student access to my photo bucket so they can download the sections in question such as this one from the 1968 code cycle;

It was this student that had uploaded the picture to my site about 30 minutes after Joe had posted the link to my account.
This is what made me think that Joe had somehow hacked into my account and therefore the spasm of anger that came over me.

I am a firm believer that when someone does well they should be praised. As well, when someone does badly they should admit to their shortcomings.

I am posting this because I hope that Joe and the other members of this forum can accept my apology for this outburst and forgive me my shortcomings.
This is directed especially to Joe as I was blaming him for something he didn’t do. I have learned something from this and the lesson will not be forgot

Joe I am truly sorry for my accusations and hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Members, to you I also apologize for my outburst and hope I haven’t offended anyone and if I have please find it in your heart to forgive me.

I do believe that all can see the concern I had when I thought the site had be breached and access was given to the entire internet.
A new account will be set up just for the students and with the new site it wont matter if the entire world has access or not.

I now stand ready for any red flag anyone thinks I deserve.


Nice post, Mike.

If all of us board participants exibited more of this type of integrity we would be better humans, IMO.

Mike…I am sure JoeBu will accept your appology. Fact is he is what he is…and he has done what he has done…so their aint nothing in this living world he could every do that would make be forgive him.

For what he has done to me ( in private and on the boards ) he will never be forgiven…and that goes for his little buddies also…yeah the retired one also.

Joe Tedesco, NEC and 70E, Nationwide Presenter and Seminar Leader ](


OK, I forgive you, but please read my replies more carefully in the future! This was not the first time this has happened between us where my comments were not understood.

Mike, you are a better man than I.


You are the man!!

It takes a man to admit he was wrong.

We all make mistakes, no ones perfect, just like the houses we inspect.

Seems to me that Paul still has chip on his shoulder and continues to insult me, this must stop! The insults are really not necessary and if he has any problems with me he should call me or better yet arrange to meet in person. I am ready to defend myself and want him to edit his remarks here.

He too would be respected for doing so.

If you have a problem with him, Joe, call him or meet him in person…you’re an adult, right?

I did call him and he hung up on me just like your wife hung up on me just now! Mind your own business!

Joe, you act like a child and deserve to be hung up on…my bride easily handled you. :smiley:

Search YouTube for Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison!

Really Joe…how about you come clean for all the members…explain everything you have done…how about explaining the call to a certain someone who I looked up to in order to start trouble…come on Joe…no chips against you because you are nothing to me…I have no problem debating the NEC with you because I dont feel you are in TOUCH with it as you think…but thats a personal feeling…other than that trust me…the only thing I have against you is to STOP using other people to put yourself on a higher perch…forget I exist and go on with your life and stop trying to effect mine…you dont know me…you have not seen or taken a NEC class of mine…and you dont know a thing about how I teach them or do them…and you most certainly know NOTHING about my work in Richmond but you like to say things that appear that you do…thats dishonest and beggons you to a liar…I have posted FACTS…my signature is a FACT…I know it is hard for you to take facts…but why not ask some members…do a search on the boards for good ole “Sparks” and read it…now no chips…FACTS…

I would not have come back if NOT for your continued lies and shots at me to others in other venues…it does get back to me Joe…I NEVER speak of you in a seminar…I have my own things to do…but you can’t resist in jabbing at me…why is that Joe…do I threaten you???

When I am doing seminars at 65 I dont even think I will remember your name fella…so please forget mine.

Run along Paulie!](