Am i on the right track?

hello , I want to be a home inspector and i think i have done enough research. But my only question is how many average inspections a inspector get in this state of market in Alberta,Edmonton?? Can i use this field of work full time to earn my living
According to your stats whats the level of competition in market. I have 10 years of construction experience and i have Electrical Engineering Technology Diploma .

I can’t speak specifically for Edmonton, Alberta. But, on average, you will make a career out of it or fail at it within three years, if you are willing to work hard at it.

Good luck.

Oh, and welcome to our forum, Amanpreet. Enjoy! :smile:

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Sounds like you have a good background but I hope it includes some business experience.
InterNACHI doesn’t compile sales statistics for specific areas, so that becomes homework for those considering entering the industry.

  • Talk to local real estate agents;
  • Find out what percentage of homes are inspected and look at the number of sales per year in your area.
  • Find out what fees existing inspectors are charging.