Am I still a member of InterNACHI if I'm a CMO?

My renewal for InterNACHI membership is coming up soon, and I was wondering …
If I recently became a CMI, do I need to still be a dues paying member of InterNACHI, in addition to being a CMI ?
opinions entertained.

Why would you? CMI’s seem to have the same access to everything. One is not required to be InterNACHI (cough, cough) to be a CMI.

Heck, in light of a certain thread or two going around, I don’t think you even need to be human!

Hmmm, I guess,

There are many CMIs who do not belong to NACHI .
.I do not think they go together .
MY Wife is still a CMI but no longer belongs to NACHI .

CMI’s must still pay yearly dues to remain iNACHI members.

CMO? Certified Master of Opinion?

fat fingered the title…too bad we can’t edit the original post.:roll:

You can in advanced mode if you don’t wait too long

Thanks for the tip Mike, I was not aware that Advanced had that capability…


You need a higher CMI fee to cover that stuff.
What you paid just covers the Club Founders Fee.

Do you not get enough benifits to more than pay your fee. Just continuing ed in STATES with licenses covers that. Exposure, SEO, Knowledge, Etc…