Am in need of some help

I am looking for an inspector who lives in Winston Salem or Surry county are who would like to help me achieve my 80 hours of on the job training. I have recently completed my 120 hours of schooling and would like to finish my education and begin my dream job. Anyone willing to help can email me at or call me at 276-251-1120.

Where the heck is “Winston Salem or Surry county”??

North Carolina.

You speak for David? (Yes, there is a lesson to be learned here).

This is the most enlightening thing I have learned on this forum so far. I now know how to proceed from here.

I didn’t think I needed to post North Carolina on here. If you do not know of the towns I speak of then my post does not apply to you.

Many here fill in their profile/signature because they know it helps because of their location specifics and their SEO.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

Really? You honestly think your area has the only towns with those names in this country? No, the world does not revolve around you!

Just saying:

Surry may refer to:
Surry - Wikipedia
Surry, Maine, United States
Surry, New Hampshire, United States
Surry, Virginia, United States
Surry County, North Carolina, United States
Surry County, Virginia, United States

Winston may refer to:

Winston, Florida, a former census-designated place
Winston, Georgia, an unincorporated community
Winston, Missouri, a village
Winston, Montana, a census-designated place
Winston, New Mexico
Winston, Oregon, a city
Winston County, Alabama
Winston County, Mississippi
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Salem may refer to
Salem, Alabama
Salem, Fulton County, Arkansas, a city
Salem, Saline County, Arkansas, a census-designated place
Salem, Connecticut
Salem, Florida
Salem, Georgia
Salem, Illinois
Salem, Indiana, city in Washington County
Salem, Adams County, Indiana, unincorporated place
Salem, Jay County, Indiana, unincorporated place
Salem, Union County, Indiana, unincorporated place
Salem, Iowa
Salem, Kentucky
Salem, Massachusetts
Salem Maritime National Historic Site
Salem witch trials
Salem Harbor
Salem Channel, a part of the Salem Sound
Salem (MBTA station)
Salem Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan
Salem, Missouri, county seat of Dent County
Salem, Lewis County, Missouri
Salem, Nebraska
Salem, New Hampshire
Salem, New Jersey
Salem Nuclear Power Plant
Salem River, a tributary of the Delaware River
Port of Salem
Salem, New Mexico
Salem, New York, town in Washington County
Salem (hamlet), New York, within the town of Salem
Salem, an earlier name of Brocton, New York, in Chautauqua County
Salem, North Carolina, census-designated place in Burke County
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in Forsyth County
Old Salem, a history museum in Winston-Salem
Salem, Ohio
Salem, Oklahoma
Salem, Oregon, the state capital
Salem Metropolitan Statistical Area
Salem station (Oregon), a railroad station
Salem, South Carolina
Salem, South Dakota, county seat of McCook County
Salem, Tennessee, an unincorporated community
Salem, Cherokee County, Texas, an unincorporated community
Salem, Smith County, Texas, an unincorporated community
Salem, Utah
Salem, Virginia, an independent city adjacent to Roanoke
Salem, Virginia Beach, Virginia, a neighborhood
Salem, West Virginia, a city in Harrison County
Salem, Fayette County, West Virginia, an unincorporated community
Salem, Wisconsin (disambiguation), several places in Wisconsin

Part of being a good inspector is being specific when possible. :wink:

Wow… I did not know this site was for pathetic men who apparently have nothing better to do than to be involved in my post. You losers need to put this kind of heart into your careers and then you will be to busy to worry about what you think of ny post. You guys are a ****ing pathetic excuse for professional’s. You guys are a joke and let me know what type of people Inter Nachi allows to represent their name. What a shame !!! Instead of helping you guy’s want to act like children instead of professional’s. Good job !!!

So says the nubie that likely will not be here in 6 months. We have seen it multiple times before.


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You’re entitled to your opinion. I’m not that much an arsewhole to deny you your freedoms! :wink:

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Actually, we’re trying to show you that being specific is important in this job.

But since you’d rather attack people that are trying to help you and call people names instead of just simply admitting you could have been more clear, well, good luck trying to find someone to help you achieve your 80 hours of on the job training.