Amazing discovery in staying booked (Enjoy)

I discovered an amazing way to keep my schedule completely full

What is about to be shared on this page is 1 inspectors results of a marketing technique. No promises of future bookings or profits are intended. Individual results, profits and losses may vary.

Wow not that that part is out of the way.
It was a Tuesday my only job for the day was a 1 hour drive each way to look at a house for an older gent who owned the house for 40 years and wanted to know what needed to be fixed.
naturally not wanting to get out of bed too early I set the inspection for noon.
I drove to the location completed the inspection and drove about 3/4 the way back as I planned on stopping to see my brother.
I spent about 25 minutes with my brother, when I got ready to leave I realized I left my phone in the van.

Well I missed 2 calls. (These are the only calls I had received all morning)
I returned the calls - booked 1 inspection, and left a message with the other. The second call would be returned around 5:30 and booked also.

I drove back home and checked my email to find 4 field service jobs, This would finish out my day. I ran to the restroom (10 mins tops) 1 missed call.
I returned the call it was a seller thinking about selling in 6 - 8 months and looking for prices. They may call back.

I wrote the earlier report, and sent it off. Then printed what I needed for the Field Chases and headed out.
On the third chase I forgot my phone in the van (15 minutes)
I returned the call it was another Field Service company looking for inspectors. They are sending over their package for me to review. (possible new client)

In conclusion:
In a 9 hour day I left or misplaced my phone 3 times. and missed 4 calls. There were 0 calls the entire time I had my phone.

Monday I will leave my phone home for 8 hours. Then I will return all the missed calls. I figured on average 1 missed call every 20 minutes = 32 possible clients. With that many leads comming in I am going to need to hire a couple more inspectors, to keep up.

Feel free to steal this technique and may good fortune follow you. :shock:

What you have just read are the ramblings of a mad man. while the story is true the theory is highly flawed.

LOL. Your so smart John! I think you’re on to something.

LOL I know right

Turning off my phone now

I encourage all the other inspectors in Chicago to use this method often.

If only all my competition would do the same Juan. :slight_smile:

I really do think I get more calls in the few minutes I am not connected to my phone. it sits right on my desk all day- I get up to pee or get some coffee - when i come back, i missed one. lol

Wish I lived in your area, I would sneak in and forward all your calls to my phone…:)…

I have an alternate to that plan that also works very well…

Schedule a trip or vacation!

Once you have your air transportation booked, the phone will begin to ring!

Hint: use an airline that allows cancellations! :slight_smile:

I get most of my calls when I’m on a rooftop or in an attic that’s about 130F. I figure if things get slow, I’ll just hang out on the roof to boost call volume.

It don’t work in Florida FOR SURE.

If you miss the call the just go to the next guy on google.

He who answers and is cheap get it. Well at least with insurance inspections.

Hopefully i’ll have something else lined up by the time I am healed.

I am tired of the crap and new guys jumping in every day. Especially when the weather is decent. I see one or two every day this time of year.

Never in June or July :slight_smile:

Here is my method:

I have an office phone number (office is in the basement of my house) and a cell phone number (which I carry all day, but turn off at night.

When I am out of the house, I forward my office phone to my cell. Hit 72#, then your cell phone number. To disable, hit 73#.

THerefore, any calls to my cell or my office phone go to my cell, and I always answer it (even on roofs or in crawlspaces (I LOVE Sprint. Always a good signal.)

People are very impressed that when they call my companies number (cell or office) they are always sure to get, directly, to the boss).

If they call me, I have a 92% booking rate.

I always keep my schedule book in my folio and book the inspection wherever I am.

Hope this helps;

Sounds like my old friend “Murphey” has his laws affecting you.

Luckily they are still looking for you when you call back. Many times you call and someone else answered and booked them.