Amazing news out of ASHI

I just got word that ASHI is taking down their online application that immediately displays any non-inspector who simply puts in their credit card info and shazam… they get listed on ASHI’s “Find a Home Inspector” search tool which steers unsuspecting consumers to non-inspectors who have never take an inspection course or passed an exam and aren’t certified.

ASHI is also removing their fraudulent tagline “Educated. Tested. Verified. Certified.” and doing away with that consumer-misleading tagline for good.

Congrats ASHI. You finally did the right thing. Sorry I had to sue you to get you to do it, but I give you credit where credit is due.

I can now say that you are no longer a diploma mill.


Well done Nick.

Well done, Nick. You are a bigger man for giving credit where credit is do.
The sun shines for everyone. There plenty of work to go around without the use of false advertising.