I feel so bad about pointing out the fact they accidentally stacked the wood and blocks improperly and forgot, ah hell, I can’t even come up with something good to say at all period, even in jest

Winebrinner 009.jpg

Winebrinner 011.jpg

The CMU is on it’s correct side. No issues observed .:slight_smile:

That is standard practice for MO isn’t it?

I see one in the first photo(background) that is incorrect. So It’s only a minor defect.:slight_smile:

lighten up fellas. the only thing wrong is the spliced wiring not in a jbox.:smiley:

Are they needed at all or just there to stiffen the floor and remove noises?

deal killer!

Maybe something like

“While I applaud the creative use of materials, the photo brings concerns of the use of alcohol and construction, much like the use of alcohol and gun powder.”

Just a thought

It’s art!

Innovation of the Farmer floor framing at it’s best. :slight_smile:

Have the Farmers from my home town Moved?:mrgreen:

Dr Seuss framing

Tetris, anyone?

Looks like a serious game of jenga that stopped before all of the blocks fell down:D