Amazingly bad flat roof install

I had my neighbor ask me to take a look at his new TPO flat roof install. There has already been 1 inspection, and hes getting ready for the 2nd inspection tomorrow. After looking over the roof, I want to be at the inspection tomorrow.
TPO was laid over the existing flat roof.
Originally the roofer used an aluminum trim metal to secure the TPO. The inspector made him rip it off and redo it. On the second attempt, The roofer went over 3 layers of shingles, then under the final layer along the perimeter. They then installed a layer of “new” brown shingle, nail pattern left much to be desired, then spray painted the brown shingles with black spray paint. I’m curious what you guys think?

Do your neighbor a solid. Be at the inspectors office 10 minutes before they open in the morning with your photos!!

That is cray-cray.

TPO has to be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and you can bet that’s not.

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The county building inspector says the workmanship quality is poor, but it will pass inspection. I’m really surprised.

That must have taken a couple of 12 packs. :face_vomiting:

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Someone got paid for that? :exploding_head:

Probably somebody slipped him a 100 dollar bill. :money_mouth_face:

The roofer is his cousin Vinny :wink:

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