America first!?

Wow!! America first… no problem with that!

I agree with the concept, but the problem comes in the implementation. Some people are concerned that it’s a “dog whistle” for institutionalized xenophobia. So far I have seen no proof of that, but many prefer to raise an alarm without first seeing any actions or policies which actually bear their fears out. Such is the nature of modern politics.

“Dog whistle” is a term used by liberals to ascribe sinister meaning to things that are benign. It’s a fundamental tactic of demagoguery. They have to invent phobias, discrimination, bias and social strife because that’s what feeds their machine.

You can generally bet that if a liberal accuses someone else of something reprehensible, the person making the accusation is far more likely to be practicing it than the accused. Like the “war on women”.

Like we’re seeing with the explosion of sexual misconduct scandals involving movers and shakers in the liberal community.

My daughter (a liberal) and I (a conservative) were having a conversation about this general topic and came to a rare agreement: The major political parties are predominantly populated with “leaders” far more concerned about personal aggrandizement and accruing power than serving the people.

I was, at least, able to get her to grudgingly concede that the election of Trump was a significant setback for the political establishment, both Democrat and Republican.