American hero Lieutenant Commander William C. Kuebler buried today.

Lieutenant Commander William C. Kuebler, an American hero, lost his battle with cancer at only age 44.

Lieutenant Commander Kuebler is the pentagon defense attorney credited for getting Omar Khadr freed from the Guantanamo POW camp. Omar was captured, taken to Gitmo, and because he once met Osama Bin Laden, was treated as an adult, “high-value” prisoner, and so was tortured and kept captive in the Guantanamo POW camp for 10 years.

Omar was a Canadian citizen who was kidnapped as a child in his home country by U.S. forces at age 15. His only meeting with Osama Bin Laden occurred when he was 10 years old.

In addition to his wife and his son, Lieutenant Commander William C. Kuebler is survived by his sister and his brother. He will be buried today at the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis, Maryland.

William Kuebler was a scholar, sailor and a great man who worked to uphold American values. Our deepest condolences go out to the Kuebler family.