American Standard FAF age please

Model F 120 D E2H
Serial H 68 L006263


The H 68 gives you the year, so 1968. Apparently the H is a plant location, and not the month.

Note that there are some claims that replacement parts are not available, as well as warnings to beware of rusted heat exchangers, specifically in the upper corners of the vestibule.

Thanks Russell - 1968 doesn’t match the age of the house, but you were more help than American Standard was via email. You will be receiving a green star!

I take it that you mean the 1968 water heater is older than the house. That’s not necessarily unusual, especially, for some strange reason, here in California, where I find it more often than I care to admit (because then I have to explain how it happens).

One of my earlier inspections this week had a 1974 water heater but the house was constructed in 1982.

One reason is that, say, the water heater in the 1982 house was damaged in 1984. The owner’s mom was selling her house and had a “new” water heater that was “just installed” (memory failing her, “new” and “just installed” meaning ten years ago. Nonetheless, they arranged to take the 1974 water heater from mom’s house-to-be-sold and put it in son’s house. Ta-da!

Another reason, and this one I’ve done myself, is that there was a property renovater involved. He had two concurrent projects. House A needed a new 30-gallon water heater. House B had a 30-gallon water heater, which was going to be replaced because he had added on a second bathroom and a laundry area, so he needed a 50-gallon water heater there. So instead of buying two new water heaters, he moved the 30-gallon water heater from House B to House A, and had a new 50-gallong water heater installed in House B. As I said, I’ve done that scenario myself many times, and not just with water heaters.

Another reason, and this one comes from my uncle in Ricardo, Texas, is that he had a water heater in the barn, but since he now doesn’t need the barn anymore, and his son is building a new house, they took the water heater out of the barn and put it in the son’s house. This one can really throw people for a loop because son’s house is 2005-2006 construction, but the water heater is 1988.

These are the stories that I collect and use to explain things to my Clients when those things on the surface don’t seem to make sense.

I should publish a book of short stories. Hmmmmmmmm. I might be on to something. Watch out, Stephen King!