Amp meter for Roy C. ???

Found the second stage heat not working on a forced air electric furnace today with the stat turned all of the way up.

Roy you asked me how many elements I find with the amp meter not working here is another one.

And how many is that in the last year that you have found .
Of Course you are an electrician are you not and you do have an up to date
license don’t you.

You see I do not have a license thats why I do not play at being an electrician.
Good way for me to stay out of trouble .

Roy Cooke

Probally a dozen;-) Don’t have to be a licensed electrican to check a furnace. Inside the disconnect

Gee that must be a record I wonder has any one else found a lot of burnt out elements in the last year.
I thought I had a good idea what the sop’s of the various associations said But obviously I have not been reading them correctly to need an amp meter in my test equipment .
Of course I do not have a megger or a bore scope must look into that. Thanks for the upgrade .
I guess I will still struggle along with my few tools.
Roy Cooke

SOP’s are for newbies do just what you have to do to get by.

Roy Don’t get your pants in a wad you have a nice chain and I just like to tug it a bit.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I do not get upset just do my inspections my way.
I think the SOP are to keep me out of trouble and if the newbies do like I they will make a good living and have few difficulties and last a long time.
Incedently how many burried oil tanks have you found .
I think one Missed oil tank is worth more then all the not working elements you could find in you life .
I have found 6 so far in my inspections.Roy Cooke

Good morning Roy

Above and beyond; my Motto

Don’t have buried oil tanks in Ok. Residential areas so Not to worry

I found 18 elements burnt last fiscal year.

Just for your stats.

I have a $7k piece of equipment to find these oil tanks. Need help!

Gee I do not think I have missed any and my oil tank finder cost $2;00 Canadian thats about $1;50 in real money .
Looks like I am ahead $6985:00. Thats about $9331:50 in our funds .
I sure could buy a lot of furnaces for that much .
A used electric furnace up here sells for about $200:00.
My finder I bought at a yard sale it is the steel BBQ rotisserie shaft complete with handle .
I have never had a call back for a burnt element yet.
Of Course we have very few electric furnaces here.
Interesting comparison to various places .
NACHI BB is the great way to compair things .
Remember try and talk to the neighbor lots of info found from them.
We find about 50% of the homes have Stablok panels and never have I said to remove it .
I guess ours sure are different from yours they still sell them new up here.
I have one in my home 18 years old.

Thansk for …Roy Cooke

Roy good morning again.

It is very understandable to not have a call back on burnt out elements because most home owners would not know it if just half of the elements were working as long as they had some heat. They only understand when there is no heat.
Thanks David A. for your input.

Oh by the way Roy I went looking for buried oil tanks yesterday and could only find the ones that were sitting on top of the ground connected to a well head???:frowning: :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

I found 18 elements burnt last fiscal year.

Just for your stats.


David I am very disappointed in you Roy stated that I had the record for found burnt out elements???:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink: