How do you determine the amperage of a panel like this?

Top left slot 3/5 is 60 amp which feeds the rest of the panel
slot 7/9 is 60 amp for lights (at least thats what the label says)
slot 11/13 is 50 amp for AC

How would I report the house service amperage? Thanks


Where is this fed from is there a main disconnect some where and
What size is it

Split bus or remote panel?
What is the panel board rating?
What size is the SEC/feeders?

It’s fed from the meter on the adjacent wall, directly behind it. Couldn’t read the panel board rating. Not sure of the size of the feeders. Didn’t think to pay attention to that.

Sounds like a split bus panel.

That is a split bus panel. Looks like the feeds are 2/0 aluminum. 150 amp rated panel. What it is listed at may be different.

The feeder looks like 200 amps to me. Just always make sure you use the wording “estimated amperage”.

P.S. Double tapped neutrals.

Since there is no single service disconnecting means the service size would be determined by smaller rating of either the service entrance conductors or the panel rating.