An alarming condition!!

Why would anyone install a siren in the return duct?


Quite common for the burglar alarm.

Brian, You have seen a siren mounted in the return? I usally see them mounted at the gable vent. I dont think the alarm would be as effective if it only sounded inside versus outside where hopefully the neighbors would hear it.

yes if you were a sound sleeper and it was tied to a smoke alarm don’t see a problem.

If my memory serves me in commercial units larger than 5 ton require a smoke alarm in the return in this state.

Plenum rated siren? :smiley:

All the time Tab, no biggie. :smiley:


I would note it in the report. Let the customer decide if they want to keep it in there. I have heard of some concerns especially if in return air ductwork since most likely not rated to be inside a plenum or ductwork…

(7) report as in need of repair a return chase and plenum that are not free of improper and hazardous conditions, such as gas pipes, sewer vents, refrigerant piping or electrical wiring.

Years ago when I had a system installed, the installer said it would be harder for the burglar to disable if it was in the ductwork, instead of being on the wall where they could slap it off. ??

Perhaps it would also have a good echo effect?? :smiley:

Besides the Texas SOP, I ofter also see this installation.