An article about Missouri sewer inspection changes

Highlights of MO Department of Health Rules Changes for Onsite Residential Sewer Inspections Effective January 01, 2009

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[FONT=Arial Narrow]I wrote this for my local Board of Realtors newsletter. Since they do not have space for a whole article they just want to post a link in their newsletter after a brief introduction. If any Missouri sewer inspector can look at this article and confirm I got most of the bases covered, I would appreciate it.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Narrow]Also if anybody has a funny sewer illustration or cartoon that I can stick at the bottom of the page to lighten up the Realtor’s moods after he or she reads this article, it would also be greatly appreciated.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Narrow]With stricter sewer rules, I imagine there are going to be some Sellers and Realtors very unhappy. This is going to be a year to remember. ;-)[/FONT]

James, what about older septic systems on cabins on the lake of the ozarks? Some of those lots are very small, and septic systems are of limited size, and capacity. Heard anything about this? I have a cabin on the water’s edge in Ivy Bend on the Lake of the Ozarks. Cabin is 60 years of age, but we have upgraded several times, and have two septic systems on a lot that is only 80 feet wide. Can of worms here?

If a set back or a system is too small, the inspector has to note it in his report. If there was a variance for this system than of course it is no problem. As long as the system is not failing, such as when testing the laterals lines the inspector notices a cloud of colored dye in the Lake, the State/Local authorities will not get involved. This is the way, I understand it.
As long as somebody does not live in your cabin full time, your system can be undersized considerably without it failing. It is common to find two systems on a lot at the Lake. A homeowner can have a valve installed between the two lateral lines. If one of the laterals fails than the other laterals can be turned on while the failing lateral lines can rest. You may want to check with the local authority, but the state probably would not even raise an eyebrow because it is such a minor modification.
The main thing is make sure your system is not failing because if there is a complaint filed, the whole system will have to be engineered with a high dollar alternative system.

We, my family, are hearing about alot of issues arrising around the lake area. Encapsulated foam on docks, standards on seal walls and dock anchoring, dock electrical, etc. It is getting tough down there. They may be watching soon septic run-off into water areas. They may be setting a standard for that soon. I also heard that you may have to install a grinder pump, and pump the waste up the hill to a septic above the residence before it goes down hills towards the lake. I will try to keep you posted if I hear of anything about septics on lakes.

Thanks and yes you are right about what is going on. I heard that DNR is pushing for more changes really hard around the Lake.