An easy way to access your electrical tester

The retractable key chain clips to a belt loop. Fast and easy. Just unclip it to check for switched outlets. You never lose it, it’s out of the way and right there whenever you need it.

I like the idea Kenton, but I simply tuck mine into my tool belt pocket. No unclipping involved.

Yep, many ways to do it, David. Kind of what you’re used to too. When I was a carpenter wearing nail bags every day, all those years, if someone stuck my knife or pencil in the wrong pocket, it freaked me out a little when I went to grab for it and found it somewhere else.

I did the same thing about 3 months ago, absolutely a fantastic idea, saves a ton of time. I bought the Key-bak Super 48 model that has a Kevlar cord and will lock closed if you want to carry something heavy.

Come to think of it, I got the idea from one of your videos Kenton, THANKS!

Doesn’t work too will with a Sure-Test.

So why did they invent Cargo pants? :slight_smile:

I actually use an “Ape Case” camera bag! Unlike a tool bag or an electricians belt, you have moveable dividers, the bright yellow interior makes everything “pop”. It’s great for digital meters, camera, tester, cordless screwdrivers, LED flash lights…and you find it all easy. Besides…this particular camera bag is 1/2 the price of most.

On my Christmas list…

You definately out-do the guy with the pocket protector.

I have problems losing my electrical voltage ticker and Kenton’s idea should save me about $30 a year.

Seems like they fall out in attics/crawls and I realize the next inspection.

Same here, I lost one just last week! Thanks for sharing your idea Kenton

Great idea Kenton, I’m like David I have lost a few in the past; they just seem to fall out of my pouch in unsuspecting areas and I do not realize it gone until the next inspection. I try to make a special effort to make sure I have everything before I leave, but of course that doesn’t always work, luckily I keep a back-up on hand.

I just bought and returned one of these as being too uncomfortable. Actually I bought it for an article photo, but tried it on. It was $130 plus tax. That’s Wendi from the office in the black vest. She’s an Autocad Genius.
The Khaki vest from Inspector Outlet was much more comfortable and the tools fit in the pockets better, plus, it’s $60. I’m not sure he’s got it listed quite yet.

Thanks Kenton! I’ll have to make sure Santa is aware.

I bought a similar Khaki vest from Duluth Trading CO. earlier this year. It worked good but it was too hot to use. I use a very small belt pouch.

I also was using a retractable key holder last year for my tester but the chain broke. I might look for the type that you have suggested.


Keaton, I like the idea. I simply use my pants pocket, but this may be quicker. I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

Keaton, I am going to give your tool a try.

I posted a photo of my computer stand in the ‘Misc’ section. Take a gander. It may work for some and others… not.

Very nice Kenton…I may get all my municipal inspectors one of these and have them all do this…because they come to me for new ones about every 6 months. With budgets getting what they are…I need them to stop losing them…lol…

I don’t even unclip it. It pulls out far enough to check most outlets. Saves a ton of time.

This is the one I use. got the accessory pockets in which I put my TIF8800, flashlight, laser thermometer etc…
I like the camel-back feature on specially when on a big job. I add ice to it and it keeps my back cool during the hot Texas summers :slight_smile:
It saved me a lot of running up and down stairs