An example of the digital video commercials we can create for members.

Cool iT LOOKS GREAT. Who’s hand is that?

It’s not a real hand. We do it all digitally, even the hand.

Will they be templates that you put in our telephone #'s or will they be customized to each inspectors different wants / needs?

We’re going to search engine optimize them and put the client’s (member’s) contact information in with a live link to their website.

We just released this one today after figure out how to make them all digitally and quickly.

We have some awesome ad concepts we’re working on. Coming soon.

BTW: Click thrus are about to go through the roof.

I like this! this is forward thinking!


I WUV INachi!

InterNACHI really does just keep getting better and better. Well done.

We’re in ad concept mode now. I want to come up with a library of ads that we can then customize for members.

The hands seem to be popular right now like the talking cartoon charactors from 5 years ago.

For some reason, I don’t claim to understand it, but videos drawn by a hand (like this one) have the highest rate of being viewed to the end. It’s just a fact. I think it mesmerizes the viewer or something.