An exercise

Remove Association branding, Educational levels and Tiered Designations.
What could any Provincial, Federal and State governments do to insure a Home Inspector is legitimized.
IE: Mandatory registration. Association members upon completion of their examinations and successfully achieving a passing grade are handed to the government authority that is designated to oversee this fine industry…

Robert, if you want exercise, go to the gym.

Your post is without meaning.

Gee, thanks, Joe F. (sarcasm)!!! :wink:

I don’t care if Robert is here.

I just would wish he would check with someone before posting.

Does anyone know what he is trying to say?

Put it in the Canadian section so us lower latitude fellas can ignore it as usual.

I don’t either, which is a shame really. We should all care if he is here, contributing to the benefit of all, but I usually have no friggin idea what the heck he’s talking about! I at first thought it may be a language barrier, but after reading many posts of fellow Canadian members, I think it is a more personal issue. Again, it’s a shame, as when he takes his time, and gives some thought to his posts, they are often actually insightful.

It’s likely called lost in translation. I must assume that Robert’s first language in French or what we consider him is a francophone (primarily french speaking). French is an interesting language where words are often subject to a different order.

Robert tries to make sense, but often his posts seem to be mixed up. Other times I think we seem to get the concept of his point, other times I have to agree that it gets very confusing to the anglophone (english speaking) reader.

I hope this make sense! (wink, wink)

I thought it was all just going over my head…

Glad he’s back after the long hiatus

BTW: In Texas we think we already got two match gubm’nt instalment

Le français n’est pas sa langue natale.
The one thing I have come to know about Robert is that he does have a heart for helping people. He might not do it in ways we always understand, but he is a good guy. (Just like many others on this board)

You would like segregation wouldn’t you

Mike is a good guy. Don’t know why he is always negative, but I guess thats just him. He sure can find references super fast. Ever see him find the name for something, just from a picture?

True talent there

LOL Google wizard for sure, I know he is a good guy . But do not tell i said that Ok lol

He might blush indeed :smiley:
There is something to learn from everybody here.


As to being able to find things quickly, in most cases I already know what it is because I have seen it.

It’s only a matter of knowing how to search effectively to find and example, explanation or manufacturer.:shock:

I’m thinking about offering a class in search techniques.

Would that make me a vendor?

Michael, I probably would take a class on that.

Lol Your branded

I’d take his class too.
Mike you are the man when it comes to providing that type of info.
Are you sure you want to be regulated by a different “COE”? :wink:

No no one knows what it is yet.:shock:

translation IMO,if all HI did not belong to any association and the eu removed as well as designations as CMI then there is a perceived equability, then each HI through their local government, or province would take a exam and having passed it would then recivie a license or certificate and would be under governmental, or provincial jurisdiction.

Yep there is room for a know it all .lol
What would you call your Class Micheal ?

Searching Right. Liberals need not apply for class… :wink: