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I had my office(America’s Call Center) call me last week telling me there was a builder that was infuriated with me and demanded that I call him immediately. I’m not to good at taking demands or orders from people now that I’m no longer in the military, especially people that aren’t even my clients, so I blew him off. My office called back again a few hours later saying the builder called back again and was still extremely pissed off while he proceeded to bash the hell out of me. He told them that if I ever stepped foot on or inspected another one of his homes that he would get violent with me and still demanded that I call him immediately. I still wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of releasing some of his anger on me. I called the client who I actually did the inspection for and acted like I was just following up with them to make sure they were satisfied with everything. They were super nice and said they were more than satisfied and even thanked me for the detailed report. They did mention that the builder was disputing a window I wrote up as having a defective thermal seal. They said the builder claimed there wasn’t a thing in the world wrong with the window as it was brand new(new home) but they said they believed me.

Anyways, here’s a couple pics of the window which should prove my case without having to argue with the dumb-*** builder about it. I still haven’t called the builder but I’ve actually got some concerns over the comment he made about me never inspecting another one of his homes.

Does he actually have the authority to prevent me from inspecting one of his homes? What would you do in my shoes if you pulled up to a house and realized it was another one of the builders homes? How would you handle the situation?






Brandon, I would call him and educate him. Tell him it’s the manufacture’s problem and not his. Help him get replacement glass packs from the supplier. Then I would offer to do quality control checks on all his builds. Explain to him that this is a common manufacturing defect.

I’m sure you’ll win him over and possibly create a new client. I’m sure he is over reacting because he doesn’t understand the capabilities of TI.

peter, great idea/advice!

Call Him talk to him. show him, educate him that’s all you can do.

I would call him instantly .
Like a fire this needs to be stopped SAP .
.To let this fester can not help you at all.

Couldn’t agree more. I would actually send him the pictures, call him and offer to meet him with the client to look it over. He will not be near as aggressive in front of them and if he is handled properly, ( what a nice house you build) he will gain some level of respect. If he stays unreasonable, you are dealing with something you can’t correct and in that case, do what you can, communicate with the client and knock the dust off your feet.
If you ever get called to inspect one of his builds, and can stay objective you may move forward or if things didn’t go well with him, refer to another inspector… You will have that answer based on your interaction with him here.

Good luck and keep your cool, many a fool can be won over with wisdom and patience… And when that is not effective… Well silence is your best friend ,

Yes. It’s his house until he sells it and he can permit or forbid entry to anyone he wishes, as can any home owner.

Great IR pics.

Forgive my ignorance, but how do these pictures show a defective thermal seal? What would an effective seal look like? I have had a few IR classes for insulation inspection, but this was not taught. Thank you,

I dont think he can stop you if you have the buyers permission for inspection. Try asking Timothy Evans at Traverse City Home Inspections.