An InterNACHI staffer was charged $50 for a $382 prescription because she used....

What idiot out there isn’t a member of InterNACHI?

I see no explanation of what a well card is at that link.

This Group card saves InterNACHI members and their family members on doctor visits, surgical centers, prescriptions, dental care, vision care, lab and imaging tests, 24/7 doctors, hearing care, diabetic care services, vitamins, daily living products, medical bill help and more.

And who accepts these cards?

Go to our link on the back of the card. Use the code on the back of the card to enter as we negotiated better deals for InterNACHI members.


And only available in the US? Pity.

A good place for prescriptions is I get my prescriptions cheaper through them than insurance when I had it.

I use it every month. Saves me the equivalent of my INTERNACHI dues each month


Hey Nick,
How do I get a prescription drug card, do you offer these for being a member?
Thank you
Shay Ridout

Yes. Free WellCard Savings Card for InterNACHI Members - InterNACHI

Directions to order are on that page.