An Introduction From Colorado

Hello all!

My Name is Jason Turner and I was born raised, lived, and have worked in the great state of colorado my whole life. I like many came to property inspection in a bit of a different root. I started my “career” which was more like a job at his point while in College. I was attending to get a bachelors degree in biology. This eventually led to me taking a 6-8 month internship with the Pueblo City County Health Department. From there I moved on to work for the United States Department of Agriculture an worked mostly with easement acquisition inspection and management. I got a lot of great opportunities working for USDA from learning about land management to learning about property research and All Appropriate Inquiry for hazardous waste. After I finished my masters degree in applied natural sciences with an emphasis in toxicology I began working as Director of Environmental Health and Safety for a campus bigger than most small towns in Colorado. During my time there I was responsible for inspections on buildings ranging in completion from ideas on a page to actual commissioning. I got the opportunity to work with and coordinate with master electricians on electrical system safety, mechanical crew’s (HVAC, water pumps, steam pumps, and fire sprinkler boosters and the list could go on. But in the end the state snatched me up and I have been working in risk management for the State of Colorado Executive Branch for two years now. I now have the responsibility shared with a team of two other safety specialists for safety for all Colorado State Agencies with the exception of a few colleges.

So here is my introduction I look forward to meeting you all. I have a website under construction called we should be up and running in about two weeks. For the time being you can reach me at which is already up and running. Look forward to meeting you all!


Hello, Jason. I am Robert. I am an InterNACHI vendor since 2006. I like pretty girls, beaches, vodka-tonics, and served in the United States Army Mechanized Infantry (Bradley Fighting Vehicle Anti-Material Sergeant) in 1BN/7INF 3ID. My favorite foods are fried chicken and steak. Add lobster tails, and I’ll shine your shoes. Fall is my favorite time of year. I cooked bison chili two days ago, and I’ve had the farts ever-since.

LOL ~ just having fun. Welcome aboard, brother. Grow thick skin and contribute a lot. Don’t become a bully on here, love your mother, and take it lightly. Lots of jabs are thrown around here, so take it like a man. FYI, my girlfriend’s son does exactly what you did with Dept of Ag. He still does and is getting his federal forestry enforcement badge now.

Welcome to Shangri-La…and may the Force be with you.

Jason, you still in the Pueblo area? I’m south of Pueblo, in-between Colorado City and Walsenburg. Let me know if you need anything, I’m fairly new myself. Welcome aboard.

If you come up towards Boulder, come visit the InterNACHI offices/studios.

Yes Jason visit Nick i did it was great meeting everyone . LOL and you are a lot closer.

I met Nick online in 2006. I have been invited to visit him in person…but I’m afraid.