an OAHI Course

I am sorry I do not know if they will alow None OAHI members to take this course could be interesting
Cost to is $399.00 . Roy

-------Dates: Oct 21 & 22, Nov 4 & 5, 2006
Time: 8-5
Location: Mississauga (the OAHI Training Center the first weekend, and a
local hotel the second.
Title; General Legal/Process for Inspectors and Designers, Powers and
Duties of CBOs, and
RCAs - 2003
Description: This new legal course replaces the previous legal courses
(Implementation of the
Building Code Act and Administration of the Building Code Act). The
course material has been
completely revised based on Building Code Statute Law Amendment Act,
2002 and O.Reg.
305/03 (Building Regulatory Reform).
This course is designed to be 4 days (30 hr) in length, with a 5th day
reserved for introducing the
concepts dealing with the powers and duties of CBOs and RCAs. The course
addresses the
following topics:
· Understanding Roles and the Legal Framework of the Building Code Act
· Qualifications and Registration under the Building Code Act and the
Ontario Building
· Permit Applications and the Issuance Process
· Exercising Lawful Entry
· Inspection and Compliance Processes
· The Occupancy Process
· Co-operation, Conflict and Dispute Resolution under the Building Code Act
· Offences, Liability and Immunity from Actions
· Change of Use and Renovations, and
· Powers and Duties of the Chief Building Official and the Registered
Code Agency.
Recommended Prerequisites: None
Reference Material: Building Code and the Building Code Act amended to
include the 2005
CEU’s 35???
Agenda; Two full weekends with some reading/homework in between. The
final exam has to be
written in the Ministry of Housing’s Exam centers for an extra fee
(currently $80). Those who just
want the CEU’s will get a letter of completion from the Association.
Instructor; Alrek Meipoom
Fee; TBD (sorry, I should know, but I keep forgeting)
contact; The OAHI Office

Here is another option

I have found that many of these courses are offered at the community colleges in Ontario for almost the same money. In addition, I have personally found the everyday experience of instructors that are working with the code everyday such as chief building official or building inspector much more beneficial to telling you the day to day details and situtions they encounter much more meaningful.

I have to agree with Claude .
I took many courses with OAHI but they did not have a good a lay out as the schools do .
Frequently used hotels and you sat some times a long way from the instructor do to the large round tables that are normally used for meals.
Usually the instructor did not have as much knowledge as some of the students who where taking the class.
The only Instructor I had with OAHI who was prepaired , new the work, and could present it very well was John Lueck.
Now OAHI uses what was Called the Head office ? in Mississauga
I visited it and when I was there it was L shaped not the best to hold classes . ( it could be different now )
Roy Cooke


Interesting comments. I believe Alrek Meipoom is teaching the next course above. I didn’t know Alrek was accredited to teach such courses.

Just because someone is building code qualified does not make them qualified to teach.

Raymond I took the Facilitator/Trainer Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing course too so I am qualified to instruct the building code courses too. Nice little certificate they issue too, looks nice on the wall.

The ministry puts on this course various times of the year. Mine was at George Brown College thru OAHI believe it or not, taught by the ministry.

Hi Robert,

So you can teach something even though you are not Building Code Qualified? Wow!

The ministry allows this for the building code courses you have taken, not the ones you have not. Also remember the requirements of OAHI you had to take recommended builiding code courses yet you are not allowed to quote the building code!

Yes but you don’t have to be a Building Code official. In other words you can teach and don’t require practical experience? Right?

No you do not have to be a Building Code Offical, and no to the practical. But you also can get the certificate of offical without practial too.

I also agree. The other person who taught the electrical section of the defect Rec course was Alden Gibson (sorry about spelling). He was the only one who did an outstanding job.

I’m doing the Part 9 Health and Safety and Algonquin college right now and a City of Ottawa inspector is teaching the course. His name is Harry Toor. Last night was the first night but I all ready think he is going to be excellent! Looking forward to next week.

I can’t believe someone is allowed to teach Electrical because they got some certificate to teach! What does a non electrician know that a licenced electrician doesn’t know? Well dollars to donuts an electrician is more knowledgeable and has first hand experience because he’s licenced. I can’t believe this goes on and is acceptable!

Alden may be a good teacher but that does not give credibility to be an authority.

My son Roy Cooke JR is also an electrician .
He has taken many courses in the electrical and is qualified to teach many as an example he taught safe ladder handling to to many .
When OAHI came out with this course a he asked about giving the course and said what different teaching certificates he had ,
I guess he was not in the secret societies good books as they would not let him teach the safe handling course or any of the other courses he was qualified and had the certificates to prove his qualifications.
Strange how it seems to be only a very few are able to teach and most times it is the same preferred group many who just happen to be on the BOD of OAHI/CAHPI.
Roy Cooke …NACHI is the BEST

When I took the code course, we were required to take the Ministry Facilitators course to teach a code course. I would highly recommend the course if you want to gain the experience to teach a course. Teaching is an art form and takes skill and practice. Not too many people are naturals!

However, it does not guarantee that one will become a good facilitator or a teacher.

In the college system, professors and instructors are required to take teacher training courses. In addition, I took and completed the Adult education program at Brock University, as well as courses for teaching/facilitating online education through University of California, **Berkeley. **

Strangely enough - why is it that in general university professors are not formally trained in education to teach? Certainly they have proven mastery of their discipline, but does that make for a good teacher? I remember a good handful that were XXXXXX. Don’t you?

Hi Claude,

Good comments.

Yes I remember with fondness some of the teachers I had, as I am sure they fondly remember me :wink:

Anyway I still fail to see the relevance of having someone teach others about electricity based on being a home inspector. We all have heard the story of one of the instructors telling one of the students to stick their finger in a light socket. :wink:

So the way I see it or understand it, he is qualified to teach, but isn’t an electrician qualified to teach? Right? What am I missing here. :wink:

I came up threw the apprenticeship trade course system to become an electrician.
Those who taught where those electricians who had that ability.
Many years later when I took some of the electrical upgrade courses I wanted these to had good electricians teaching these courses many much younger the I .
Yes Claude I too remember being taught a night school auto course by a mechanic who also had this ability to teach .
Unfortunately from what I saw and the many complaints I have heard .
Many of those teaching at OAHI/CAHPI might be better of just doing home inspections.
I wonder if this could be part of the reason why so few who come up thought the OAHI/CAHPI training system fail to survive in the home inspection industry.
Roy Cooke

Interesting enough I met my wife while we were both going for our teaching adults certificate many years ago, she went on to finish the program I still have a couple of courses left. She went on to teach/instruct in the business world and now is teaching/instructing at a college, me, well I am here slugging it out with agents.