An Outstanding Learning Opportunity

Today, fifteen new Certified Well Samplers have added a new service to benefit their clients in Missouri and Illinois, and themselves, thanks to the hard work of Joe Farsetta who has put together one of the finest courses ever to be offered through NACHI.

Beginning with the construction of the different types of wells and moving on to a detailed description of the pumping equipment, students then learned to identify the weaknesses in these systems that allowed for contamination.

A detailed analysis of the various forms of contamination, their effects on human beings, and a description of what remediation activities applied to each contaminant was followed by training on how to effectively acquire samples for laboratory testing.

Joe - I hope you remembered to remove your Cardinal hat before landing in Newark. The guys want you back, and soon.

Chapters - Do yourselves and your clients a favor and learn this stuff from Joe. It’s the only training of its kind being offered by anyone, anywhere.

He looked at home with the Cardinal hat on his head.

I’m attending this on Nov. 11. Nice to know it’s in high regards.

Jim, I have to agree with you 100% about the class and commend Joe on putting together and excellent presentation. I learned a lot and feel much, much more comfortable in dealing with wells now.