An the electricians don't want us to open panels

Good luck with it Russell! Just remember you keep at it. I fought the masses down to six people sitting in the room and got things overturned! You never can tell what persistence will pay off! :slight_smile:

If I didn’t show up like everybody else, life would be hell! Sometimes you just run out of steam but you just need to keep on going!

Nonsense…those are those new “tap-n-Go” lugs…hahaha.


At this rate, potential home owners will have to hire an electrician, roofer, plumber, AC technician, & General contractor, oh wait!!
I forgot about a structural engineer & a mold assessor, landscaper, & a pool technician for a home inspection!! :twisted:

Did I miss any other profession? :roll: LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol… You’re right Jerry.


Excellent observation. Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious to the eggheads.

Let’s not forget that it’s not just about us. It’s about the consumer as well. Homebuyers should have the right to hire an unbiased home inspector that can inspect all areas of the home without a great expense and fear. Maybe some input from a consumer advocacy group would be beneficial. I find it hard to believe especially in this market that the State of Florida is willing to add additional hardship to the consumer by limiting the HI. First time homebuyers who need special financing and inspection requirements most certainly could not afford to have multiple inspectors.
This whole thing is really absurd.

And that, along with certain legal issues, is why the whole thing was scrapped.

What your seeing is that I personally think that this is one of the very few professions that WANTS strickter standards in order TO protect the public…that’s why I love my profession and my brothers…

Could you imagine trying to schedule all the trades for a home inspection, especially on an tenant occupied home with dogs?

contractor(s)GC and specialty as needed
Garage door
window door

others as needed(ie., flooring, drywall, painter, screens, gate)

Did I miss any?

Back in 1998, I actually had access to all of those individuals and was thinking about putting together a team to do the inspections and I would compile the report. The fee was around $3,000.00 and no one wanted it. Especially Realtors! I would have made a significant amount and the contractors would have gotten paid for their time and also had the opportunity for more work.

I really thought it would work, especially as I had the computerized reports already. I wold just have to sit there and take information and the report would have been done on-site and printed out.

This why home inspectors are generalists and refer to the needed.

The Realtor that drafted me into this business in 95 had just such a group!

The first referral Agent that called me, kept a Structural Engineer coming to all inspections for six months till I found more stuff than he did.
Some Agents are not the scum they are sometimes made out to be. I have lived a sheltered life in the Inspection Industry because of these Agents…

Just think, we could all go back to our “old jobs” again and do inspections for the old company! :wink:

What many fail to see as well is that we are also there for the SELLER. WHAT? Yep you read it right. We are an unbiased entity. I can see now AC guys seeing a filter slightly dirty and then stating “yep the entire system needs a good $ 99 service”!

That is another avenue we have and one of the biggest is our separation from financial gain on the items we inspect.


They pay the same no matter what I say…