Anchor Bay leaky basement 3 different areas

see pretty Lake St Clair?
House is right on the water n so some itchy-melons tell homeowners crap like, “Oh you absoluetly are in a high water table area and you must get an interior drainage fart system and sump pumps…” $15,000+++++ Many NEVER say anything about the possibility it needs exterior waterproofing and why

area 1 inside garage, basement leaks here

#2 side of house, tight eh but we got it. Some erroneously tell homeowner 'Oh Lordy there’s no room for equipmenet so you need an INT fart system", knotheads

#3 by front door

Here were why, where water was getting in, dug down and saw that NO parging was ever applied to exterior block walls, lol, BIG mistake

Crack and many open, deteriorated, poorly tooled mortar joints

Some of the clay soil, partial-blocks n other crap that was previously backfilled, doesn’t allow water to go from A to B too good eh, sits against the wall, up against any cracks and open mortar joints
13470005 (1)

backfilled with all gravel after waterproofing
13470002 (1)

cost $2,700, 500 of that went to hauling the crap soil etc away

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Great post, Mark!

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Yes, Mark knows his stuff!

thank you Kenton and Larry

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