Anchored exterior condensor

When ever I find an exterior condensor/compressor unit that is not anchored/secured to the pad, I call it out. However looking through my code books I do not see any information about that being a requirement. A realtor asked me today if that was code, I told her I am not performing a code inspection and do not quote code. Does anyone know for sure? I am in California, one good earthquake and I am sure there would be some damage at the connections.

Your help would be appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time.

Here’s a discussion about this from about a year ago…

There was another discussion about 2-3 months ago where this was discussed.

I only see 2,3,4 HP/AC units per year but in the last year have seen 2 condensors that had moved on their pads (unlevel) with one about to bend/collapse some rigid copper pipe used. Tie them down!!

Some local codes do require same and it is enforced. Also the instructions of the Mfg. apply.

I would not call it a code issue but a proper installation standard to keep it from being moved causing a freon line to leak etc. Global warming

I some areas if they are not mounted they will be stolen esp at new construction sites. Would you report a door that will not lock or unlock??

If it has mounting tabs mount it.