Ancient Space Heater

While conducting a construction feasibility inspection this morning I came across this heater. The woodtone exhaust vent is still holding it’s original finish, a blower at the top of the unit pulls the heat from the vent. I would guess it’s over 50 years old.




Those came around in the 50s. Very cool. Never seen one with the faux wood on the vent pipe. Very classy.


What is a construction feasibility inspection?

A construction feasibility inspection is done for lenders who are in the process of finalizing a construction renovation loan. You meet with the builder and go through the project, line item by line item, to determine if the project can be completed within the budget and scope of work. Wells Fargo is one of the only banks that does these for all their renovation loans. If it’s a HUD/FHA 403 K, a 403K Consultant does this inspection.