Ancillary services only as a business idea

I know I previously asked a question like this regarding just sewer scope inspections. This is regarding any ancillary services. I would go through interNACHI home inspector training, then get specialized training for ancillary services. Who would I market to? Realtors and other home inspectors? How would payments go? Do I charge them my fee and then they add extra for themselves on top?



Good point. I’m just trying to find a niche in the market.

You won’t… until you become a contributing member of the market you hope to participate in, which you currently are not!


Thanks for the insight Jeffrey.

If you are going to be doing just ancillary services, Market to home inspectors. and change what you think you are worth. You set up an account with ISN, NXT Inspekt, Inspector toolbelt for your scheduling software. and you add your services and prices in there as stand alone services only. you link to your scheduler from your website. The inspector can up charge their clients for your services if they like.
But no Inspector is going to use your services if you also do Home inspections, as you can easily steel their clients and agents.

If you don’t know the basics you might not want to start a business, before you take some business classes. setting things up is the easy part.

Late response as I just saw this. This is very informative. Thanks. If I follow through with this idea I will be sure to offer ancillary services only and not do home inspections. Definitely don’t want other inspectors thinking I’ll steal their clients. None of this will happen until I become a CPI though.

We have an InterNACHI member here who only does radon for many of our members. She markets at our local chapter and seems to be doing well.

I think if you offered some difficult-to-do ancillary services like WDO, Septic, Water Testing, Radon, and Mold… you’d be swamped with work from inspectors.

Thanks Nick. What would you say is a good price for each ancillary service?

Be aware that many states require licensing for Radon Testing and WDI inspections.

I have a Licensed Plumber who does all of my septics and lateral scopes, you never know what you’re going to run into, the last lateral he did he had to cut the clean-out off to scope it.

Thanks. I’ll see what Utah requires for licensing. Worst case scenario is I can’t get into the pipe and have to tell them a plumber can help them further. I wouldn’t charge in this scenario.

Do you know how many she is doing and how much she charges?

I don’t, but think about it. Let’s say there are 100 home inspectors in your market and most of them don’t do mold or radon or septic, etc. They alone, would keep you swamped.

Thanks Nick

You know what you should do? Just start your own local chapter:

Being president of your own chapter would be a great way to round everyone up and have them give you the inspections they can’t do.

Shouldn’t he at least have some inspection experience, and preferably a working inspector, first??

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No. Having some event planning experience would probably be useful though.