And behind this drop ceiling panel is...

I know most of you guys are excellent, detailed thorough inspectors but I sure do find a lot of electrical issues above drop panels.

I usually take off a few around the lights and find splices outside of boxes. This picture has multiple issues and I would imagine there is more concealed. That is why I note have all electrical reviewed concealed in the sub floor.

Just thought I would share.

This house is in a city that requires a point of sale. There 1 page form for the most part is hard to read and understand.

Would it be so hard for a city inspector to lift a few panels. Yes it would be, why do I even ask.

Agents/Sellers “But it was not on the city violations”

Also this sub has a fixed and a drop ceiling, Dam where is that shut off at ??

157710 062 (Small).jpg

157710 064 (Small).jpg

Is this the house with the comedic roofing?

I struggle with this.

We were taught that for liability reasons you lift one ,you must lift them all.

:roll:It’s OK Dave nobody ever looks up there…don’t worry about it…:roll:

Sorry Bob but that just sounds stupid…I always lift a couple in the suspect areas…just part of the job…imho…jim


Yes this is the same house with the roof. You should see the HVAC system, then again maybe you should’nt.

No need to lift all the ceiling panels, just a few. Requires a small ladder, a few minutes of time. I note in report about the limitations of the panels.

Now if the city guy would climb the pull down ladder and open his eyes he could of noted this mess.

Maybe I should apply for a city inspector job.

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Stupid or not it was taught by a State board director.

Do I believe you or him?

I guess we all have to decide how we do our job…:wink:

True and I am not saying “Bad Inspector” for pulling them.

Man, that makes you think.

And from today’s inspection, just like yesterday. Illegal splices/junctions

Usually I remove one or 2 panels right by the light fixtures.

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