And for the FINAL prize of the 2020 Christmas Party. Every member wins!

We’re pleased to announce the all new International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2)!

Ancillary inspections such as mold and radon are becoming more common in the home inspection profession and you all now have an organization to help you grow the indoor air side of your inspection business.

The cost to InterNACHI members is only $1/year. Yes, you heard me right… Your dues will only be one dollar a year, forever!

The updated website features a whole new design and improved features, including:

  • the ability to instantly download your membership certificate from your account;
  • the ability to instantly download certification logos from your account;
  • the option to refer clients to to verify your certification status using your unique member ID;
  • a simple, fast search tool for consumers to find an IAC2 member in their area;
  • a business listing in the IAC2 Certified Consultants Directory; and
  • your member-controlled profile to manage your business listing in the IAC2 Certified Consultants Directory.

Existing IAC2 Certified Consultants

We’ve already created an account for all existing IAC2 Certified consultants on the new website. If you’re already an IAC2 Certified consultant, you can log in to the new website using the email address or username associated with your InterNACHI® account (cool, huh?) and reset your password here. Existing IAC2 Certified consultants have a free one-year membership that expires one year from today.

InterNACHI® Members Who Want to Become IAC2 Certified

InterNACHI® members pay only $1 a year for their IAC2 membership. If you’re an InterNACHI® member, just enter your InterNACHI® ID number, and the coupon code found here on the application. (The IAC2 discount is revoked if your InterNACHI® membership lapses.) Visit to review the certification requirements, and to apply.

  • We also redesigned and modernized the IAC2 logos.
  • We also filed for and were awarded all new Federal Certification marks.
  • We also purchased social media ad spots to promote mold and radon testing for IAC2 members.
  • We also moved the IAC2 website to faster servers.
  • We also rebuilt the entire IAC2 website to help consumers quickly find local IAC2 members.


Merry Christmas, InterNACHI members.


P.S. Most of this year’s prizes were given out on the Cozy Coats for Kids forum at And we gave away truckloads. If you are feeling the Christmas spirit, make a modest donation to and your inspection company logo and contact information will be displayed on our Donors page, forever.


That’s going to be amazing. Thanks for encouraging good growth.

Thank you Nick! :slight_smile: Merry Christmas!

Thank you Nick, Merry Christmas!!

This is awesome! Sounds like $$

Thank you so much for everything!

Merry Christmas everyone.


Thank you Nick! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thank you Nick

Thank you Nick to you and your team for everything you do!

Thank you!
Gary Usry
Olathe, KS

Fantastic, thank you Nick. Good Stuff. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and to the entire InterNACHI family. Well Done.

awesome. i’m excited to look into it :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow thank you, that is a great gift. This aging was a great event. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Eric Pohler
Precision Home Inspections KY LLC’
Louisville KY

This was a well-planned party and thank you to all the Internachi staff for so much work put into it! I couldn’t participate because I got limited by posts so I couldn’t participate for most of the party, but it was definitely an exciting event and I thank you for the items I won. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas NACHI09041310 Peconic Home Inspections Long Island NY
Thank you

Awesome, Thanks Nick

Thank you And Merry Christmas Nick, Ben and InterNACHI staff!~ you guys rock!~
Marc Lischner

Thank you.



Merry Christmas everyone.


This is awesome, thanks Nick and Merry Christmas!!!