And for the FINAL prize of the 2020 Christmas Party. Every member wins!

Thanks, Nick! Good as always!

Happy Holidays To You And Yours!

Wishing You All The Best For The New Year!

Thanks Again For Everything!


Well, that explains the email I received today that reads exactly like a hacker sent it… which caused it to be immediately DELETED!!

Thanks Nick and your whole team. I’m looking forward to looking through the changes and marketing this up!! Merry Christmas to you all from your friends at DASET Home Inspections

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Thanks so much Nick I have applied for the IAC2 and waiting for an acceptance reply. The day was fun, merry Christmas to you and your family!!
James McArthur

Thanks Nick! And not just for this but for helping start and hopefully will be my forever career!

Thanks Nick and staff for everything! was a really fun afternoon! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Thank you Nick and interNACHI for all that you do!

Tim Magorrian
Guardian Angel Home Inspectioms
Inspecting Long Island
Long Island NY.

I have been IAC2 certified for several years (#IAC2-03-3437). I followed the instructions to reset my password and then went to the new IAC2 website to log in. When I did I received the following message:

Your account is pending approval. You will not be able to login until is has been approved.

Please let me know what the issue is as I am working on some marketing on IAQ testing and want to be able to refer to my IAC2 certification.


Same here. I have been a member for 3 years. Now it says pending approval

Awesome!! Happy Christmas to you!!

No one is in to approve this late. Staff worked on the party all day today. Tomorrow.


Thank you InterNACHI Staff. “You’re The Best!”

Merry Christmas Nick and all of NACHI

Thank you “Santa Clause”, I mean Nick…for another great InterNACHI event…keep up the great work!!!

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Sweet perk!

I figured that was the case, no problem at all. I appreciate the quick response, thanks Nick!

Edwards Home Inspections
Ethan Edwards/ owner

@eedwards8 and @jotis, your applications have been approved! You should have access to your account now.

Thank you!