And the award goes to...

This home owner gets the “Big Dumby Award” of the month.


But…but…the guy at Home Depot said they’re for outdoor use !!! :roll:

Great photo!!!

Fantastic photo. I can’t stop laughing. :mrgreen:

Fantastic photo. I can’t stop laughing.

Hey, it doesn’t rain in Alabama in December. What’s the big deal?? :sarcasm: :sarcasm: :wink:

Perhaps it is there so it will stay cool during the hot Alabama summers!

What’s the big deal, water’s not a conductor of electricity…headbang.gif

That’s what the “Physics Factbook”]( says.:wink:

Well, that’s true if you are talking about H2O only. In fact, ultra-pure water is used as a cooling medium in the coils of some large utility generators. It is the impurities that give water a conductivity and virtually all common well, rain, or river water has very high conductivity.


I’m absolutely aware of that.

I simply stated that as a PUN. Notice the emoticon banging his head.

Yes, I understood it that way - just making an additional comment.

William, can I have permission to use your photo in my reference notebook and put your name on the photo?

But the World Wide Master of them all is this one!

Please tell me that those guys in the pool staged that photo and are not really that dumb!

Some folks are just eat up with dumbness and pollute the gene pool :shock:](“”)

One would hope so but you never know. I just got that photo in an e-mail this morning from another inspector but there was no explanation or narrative with it.


Thanks Barry…sorry about the double posting of that photo…I did not see Joe’s posting of it yesterday.