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Some folks are just eat up with dumbness and pollute the gene pool :shock:



Here is my original.](“”)

Here’s the rest of the story, now I have to find the hanburgers!

That looks like NEC on that guys black T-shirt.

Its ok guys as thats distilled water.

Dont be so quick to jump to conclusions based on myths you’ve been told about distilled water. The truth is… water DOES conduct electricity,even PURE DISTILLED water. The fact is electrically speaking there is 3 categories of materials: Conductors, insulators, and semi-conductors. Even insulators will conduct electricity if sufficient voltage is applied to them to overcome their huge resistance.

There have been multiple experiments on conduction thru water and especially distilled water as rain water is mostly mineral free. The testing involved various brands of distilled water. The results were all the same. At 12v and using the same distance apart on the electrodes, there was a current of about 70 micro amps passing thru the water. Yes, that’s a horrible conductor but it was NOT zero it did absolutely conduct electricity. Higher voltages could even further overcome the resistance and the results would most likely NOT be linear as you increase the voltage the resistance would break down.

With this many pictures of a simple electrical extension cord being set-up and plugged in while standing in water, you know it was an obvious joke.

I don’t know what you guys are worried about. It’s a blow-up plastic (insulated) pool. :slight_smile: