And the listing probably read....

…Nice fixer-upper.

Fire caused by friction between the mortgage payment and the owner’s income



Fireplace failed during test??


Thankfully, It wasn’t me that caused this. I happened to drive by this one today, in the neighborhood of my inspection.

Warm and open, makes you feel like you’re camping in the woods.

“Modern, open floor and ceiling plan with great views of the forrest.”


“Beautiful, well built, solid wood retaining wall.”


“The kids will love the included paint ball course!”

One more…

“The quality of this home’s structure is easy to see.”

Ok, Caption contest it is.

“Enjoy the BBQ on the back porch, in the kitchen, in the living room…”

Wasn’t that from ‘Fletch’? :smiley:


Just this morning here. Home was empty, and for sale. Perhaps this is a way for banks to get rid of homes and collect reveune…???

It’s too bad there wasn’t one of our fearless home inspectors there to shut off the gas. :wink:

You beat me to it. :mrgreen:

A great feature of this house is it has a completed Garage and open concept Kitchen, living room and bedrooms. LOL

“Garage” might be a stretch even for a listing description! :slight_smile: Maybe “walled parking space”. :wink:

If you love open concepts and that “roomy” feel, then this home is a must see. Just pack your bags and move right in!!!

Tired of that congested city feeling? Move to the country and experience wide open spaces and fresh air, in this open concept home!

“Earthy decor and palette throughout.”

Best one yet! LOL.