And the pain continues

At this rate we wont have to worry about this or that SOP. We will all be out of business.

Just like I said…again. :twisted: :twisted:
All you need to know: Gov. Rick Scott has tasked the board with shrinking Citizens drastically, and swiftly.

The Headline is dated 8/12/12 it is just now the 11th

Scott is the Devil.

…Dear homeowner,
Yes, I agree that it’s anyone elses fault but mine. I understand that you didn’t have to pay for your last wind mit through the My Safe Florida program. I understand that your last report said you had single wraps and an FBC roof. I’m sorry that your original 1975 tar and gravel roof is not FBC compliant. Nor does the 1 nail attachment qualify as a single wrap. I only report what I see. I didn’t build it and I didn’t write the rules. Yes, I think you should contact your legislator. I agree, it is a shame that you cannot continue to recieve the same discounts that you have never qualified for. Yes, certainly blame the Govenor. Everyone else in the State should have to pay for Citizens short fall. Yes, I agree. Everyone but you…

Dear Mr. Inspector:
You forgot the part about my insurance increasing “10%” every year for the last five years… which combined with the rates I was entitled to according to the previous form and “hand picked inspector”, that have evaporated, I now pay three times as much to insure a home that is worth a third of what it was when I purchased it…and the “required” insurance at the time. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Yes, Eris I agree…You certainly have a right to be upset… I’m just reporting what I see… I’m sorry that the premium keeps increasing… I didn’t make the rules:smiley:

I propose that the NACHI wind mitigation course develope a section on Grief Counseling for all those departed Clip credits.

Lol. Now that’s funny!


I’m not mad at you…
I just can’t figure out why I have to pay $7,000.00 a year for insurance, when I qualified for the mortgage, it was only $1,500.00…and my property is worth less now, than it was then.

Jay, I hope you take this the way it was intended. Any way you look at it, the homeowners are getting screwed.

All’s good! (Bye the way, Get well soon :D).

I feel your pain. We left Dade in '07 partly because of the cost of insurance. I was paying close to 2k a month on Homeowners, cars insurance, and marina fees.

We moved to PSL, bought a 1000 square foot bigger house on the water for what I was paying for insurances in Dade County. Boat in back on a lift.

The price of insurance is out of control. It’s going to get worse. The cost of insurance is likely to become the biggest impediment to home ownership.

I understand the pain. :mrgreen:

Just a friendly reminder its replacement cost or the cost to reconstruct the property after a peril, not the actual market value. I feel ya though :slight_smile:

Then why do they need a 4-point or wind mit or any other inspection? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I’ll be in PSL in about 8 hours to start off my vacation! :cool:

[quote=“evandeven, post:12, topic:71168”]

Then why do they need a 4-point or wind mit or any other inspection? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

You know the answer to that ! :wink: By the way enjoy your vacation and I hope your foot gets better soon ! Party On ! :slight_smile: