And the Poll says...

many are requesting further ed and info on HVAC inspecting.

An esteemed colleague, Phillip Stojanik, wrote this a few years ago may be useful info to cover or for anyone needing further HVAC inspection information. All commentary is based on TREC SOP, be aware this is not to NACHI SOP

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I miss Phil’s knowledge, experience and diplomacy on the TREC Inspector’s Committee. This is a good article and now that the SOP Commentary is being considered again then this might be a good start for that.

Did Phillip go somewhere?

He must be still in business

Thanks, Barry.

Great PDF.

The TREC Advisory Inspectors Committee was re-worked last year with new members. He’s just not on the committee any more…sorry, didn’t mean to give the impression something worse had happened.

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and also his presence on the MB