And this a crawl space exhaust fan?

I did a very summarized inspection today. The buyers only wanted to know about the electrical and the foundation on a 5600 square foot building. Lucky for me it was built onto a hillside so it’s not a slab on grade it actually had a crawl space, crap!!! Not being sad this is beyond the realm of the inspection but I wanted to try to figure out what it is. There were only a 2 or 3 foundation vents but there was this exhaust fan looking thing in the foundation. It is disconnected and no longer in use, is it a crawl space exhaust fan?

Possibly, it was used to bring cool underground air up to the living space during the hot months.

Just a thought…

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Cory, you have some electrical issues there also from what I see.

Oh yeah I know, There were MANY electrical issues in the crawlspace as well.

Are you only going to show us one side of the wall?

It could be a Radon Mitigation system for all we know…