And we have a winner....

… for the most creative use of drain piping.
Corrugated plastic pipe bent at a 90, a magic pipe that allows water to flow up hill, a lovely “S” trap, a leak, and it all connects to 60 year old galvanized pipe. Nicely done - :smiley:

Thanks Bill Never a dull moment … Roy

Hahhahahah Some sort of Plumbing Savant. :smiley:

How did they even figure out how to do that?

Yes, I think you have a winner there Bill !!

2 traps are better than 1, aren’t they??

He’s all set for the next tornado that heads that way and the house starts rolling! (Ref: movie Twister)! :mrgreen:

Jonas your crackin me up. hahaa

They play this game on family night. :smiley:



That configuration was setup because the wife kept dropping her ring down the drain.

Must be related…