And we wonder why.....

I see so many people blaming this and that on their financial woes. I can honestly say, I feel most people have financial problems because they SUCK…

I went to dinner on Saturday had horrible service (typical).

I am in the middle of putting together (or trying to) an inspection vehicle that will cost me A TON of money. I can’t get anyone to call me back, I can’t get the documents needed to buy the freaking thing!

I am getting a bid for a kitchen from a great referal and its been THREE weeks and still NO BID…

People are blaming the goverment…screw that, look inside its why you are where you are…

Sorry just had to vent, I have never in my life found it so hard to give money away.

Are you going for a two- holer this time :wink:


I am happy to help.

Please send any money you are trying to “give” away to me and I will gladly accept it just to help out a fellow inspector.

I will also send you a nice thank you letter :slight_smile:

My buddy Nick ran into the same problem. Spent $30k on a new Tacoma, was looking at spending about $10k more to turn it into his vision of the perfect inspection vehicle.
Couldn’t get a return call, guys tried to put used parts on his truck, etc.
He finally ended up doing most of it himself.
There’s something wrong when you can’t take a barrel full of cash into a guy’s shop and have him do the work you need done.

Just go someplace and give your money away.
I have told customers several times, if I am not getting things done fast enough for them, they can go someplace else and I will be glad to take them off my books. Which nobody has taken me up on my offer yet.
If you got to wait on somebody who is good that is just the way it is. If somebody can jump on a job right away, I usually am disappoint with the finished product. That is why it is called skilled labor. Sad but true.

Thats what its called BS. Tell me, dont promise me one thing and give me another. Under promise and over deliver. Not the other way around.

Skilled labor is one thing, poor customer service is another. You see it your way James and I see it totally different. If I say something will be done by Thursday…it will be done by Thursday come hell or high water. NO EXCUSES!

Most try to get people “to people to use them”, I try to get people to use me over and over…thats where the money is. Getting a job is easy, getting them to refer you over and over is much more difficult.

If you got them to promise a deadline and they do not deliver than find somebody else. I seldom promise anything by a certain time (unless it is involved in a real estate transaction). Too darn busy for deadlines. Deadlines will cause me to put out a lesser product.

When I first started I did things this way and it got way to confusing and to many upset people. I went with a new mantality that we do not leave the job until the report is 100% complete and on its way via email.

I can tell you that was one of the best personal and business decisions I have made. When I go home, all the work is done. I never have to “remember” anything because my brain can data dump.

There is also nothing like walking in a telling a client that your done with the inspection and when they ask “when will I get the report” my response is, its already in your email box. Once again, its about underpromising and over delievering. The “You’ll get it when I am done, just does not work around here”.

Russell . They are busy Blaming the goverment and watching Fox for Their new Marching Orders . Next time Look at the business and study what side of the fence they are on . It may surprise you lol. Call over seas You may get some action lol

Words I try to live by and expect the same of all who I hire or work for me.

Say what you will do and do what you say :smiley:

I hear that. I have forgotten about the inspection by the time I get home :cool:

Same here:)


Welcome to a new way of life: socialism. No one wants to work, and they do not have to, when they get everything they need to life for free, either from parents or the government. People are lazy, and there is no “drive” in today’s society.

Thousands of roofs where I live have been replaced this year due to hail damage. Roofers are coming in from all parts of the country, because workers here will not do this type of labor.

I do all reports on site, no work at home. Email works also. Thinking about using USB drives instead of printing out reports.

Just email them or post them on line for clients to view or save or whatever they wish.
Why buy and give away usb drives?

Gary, I haven’t printed onsite for over 7 yrs. What happens when you do that? People want to read what you just handed them, and most are very slow readers.

In Port St. Lucie, FL I prefer to give them a verbal summary and then put their reports on FetchReport. They take it from there.

Many bank-owned props are too filthy to even think about breaking out expensive electronics…

you are the man Russ

-boo boo 1