And WHO was in charge when this went down?

Yup things were so much better when the other side was in charge.

George the Oath Keepers pledge sounds pretty good.
Too bad you had to garbage your post up with more Anti Bush crap.

So in the spirit of fairness:

Bush did it to himself dude. When I screw up I have to own it…so does he.
If and when Obama gets to the point of screwing up as bad as Bush I’ll jump on the trash Obama band wagon right there with you. It ain’t happened yet though.

George…it’s all a matter or perspective :slight_smile:

Yea Mike I know…believe it or not I try not take sides but all the hate and fear projected by one side makes me not even want to listen to them even when they have a good point. And sometimes they do. I’ve even tried to listen to that hypocrite Rush but he lost ALL credibility with me. One minute he’s wanting to throw all drug users in jail and the next he is one and one who didn’t do any time at all for his crime either
I’m disappointed that Kinky threw his hat in the ring with the Dems as I’m trying real hard to NOT support either side of the big aisle anymore. Until we quit being dems and reps we are doomed to repeat this stuff over and over we need to get back to being Americans.

"but all the hate and fear projected by one side makes me not even want to listen to them even when they have a good point."

I assume you are talking about the democrats here, right?

Hmm. Let me recall when I opposed the illegal war in Iraq it was republicans who threatened to fire bomb my home because I must be unamerican for not supporting the troops. It was republicans who said the senate should be investigated for harboring unamerican ideas (that was michelle). It’s republicans who have used every nasty racial slur and epithat trying to scare people about the black man in the white house. It was republicands who said they are looking for their “great white hope”. I think the spewers of hatred are very well identified and they aren’t progressives. Their names are rush limbaugh, ann coulter, glen beck , michael steele and lets not forget sarah palin and michelle bachman. Hate mongers all as are anyone who supports them…

Talk about hate…:roll:

Please substantiate your claim of an illegal war in Iraq.

You can, right?

Al Franken, Keith Olbermann, Michael Moore, Rachel Madow…Shall we go on?

I suppose you want to tell me they have no hate.:roll::roll::roll:

Don, You’re an idiot if you believe even half of what you wrote.