Android 4.4 (KitKat) & HomeGauge Companion Write to SD Card Work Around

I’ve also posted this in the HomeGauge Forums, but Im sure not all HG users visit theirs on regular basis.

This work around is not for everyone. I suggest if you’re not technically proficient - do not attempt this. I take not responsibility if you damage your device. You have been warned.

When Google updated Android to Kit Kat 4.4 they seemingly messed up 3rd party apps writing to the SD card. Not familiar? This is a work around if you’re having this problem when trying to use HG Companion and have changed the data folder to your SD card.

Who’s this work around for:
• HG Companion users that make use of a SD card instead of your devices internal storage and/or HG upload service
• Not afraid of voiding your devices warranty
• Is familiar with rooting their device

Who this work is around is not for:
• Pretty much the opposite of above

First verify you have Kit Kat on your device. Settings>About Device>Android Version 4.4.x
If you have a version lower then this (eg 4.3 aka Jelly Bean) you may have another issue as to why it is not writing to your SD card.

Second, root your device. Again, this will most likely void your warranty! Please research rooting if you’re not familiar with it, **you could “brick” your device **if done incorrectly. There are many, many benefits to rooting, I think it outweighs voiding they warranty. Verify root buy the installation of a Superuser app. Several reboots maybe needed to update your device.

Third, install a app found of the Play store called “SD:Fix KitKat Writeable MicroSD “ ( and install and open.

Fourth, reboot device.

That should be it. You’ll need to make sure that your HomeGauge Data Folder is directed to you devices SD card.

Hi Steve, very good write up on rooting your Android device. I would advise for somebody that is not too technically advanced to be very careful doing this (like you said), and as you said it will void your warranty and can “brick” your device.

My advice to somebody that doesn’t feel comfortable doing the root, take your Android device to a cell phone shop and have them do it (fairly inexpensive) and a rooted device is so much faster as all the garbage applications that are installed by the tablet manufacturer will be removed.

Another option (to not void the warranty) you can just transfer files from internal storage to SD storage with-in the “built-in” file manager app (or a 3rd party application like file manager HD) in your applications folder once a week or when needed, by using cut and paste.

This sounds HIGHLY technical. Even for computer literate home inspectors. They should never need to learn that level of computing to get their home inspection device to work properly. It is up to the home inspector software companies to program in a workaround or find a workaround to glitches that Android, Apple or Windows has… Please save yourself a major headache and contact your software provider and ask them to fix it…

Thanks for posting this. I have been struggling with this since I bought a tablet with Kitkat. I have rooted the tablet some time ago and modified the file to allow read/write access to the external SD card. The problem I am having with HomeGauge is when I change the data folder in the companion app, the data folder always reverts back to the default whenever the app is started back up (after completely shutting down).

If you can think of a fix for this – great! I am all ears. If not, we will have to wait for the good folks at HomeGauge to help us.

Jeff, most likely, and I had this problem as well, is that your file path is not correct. If your familiar with the app ES File Explorer I can show you how to do it.

I use it to determine the path name. After installing do the following.

  1. Open app, in the top black/gray bar there should be an sdcard tab, press on this
  2. In the drop down select your sd card (mine is extSdCard), mine defaults to open in the internal memory, careful not to select “/ Device”. Your Sd Card should be a several gigs smaller then the advertised size.
  3. If you don’t have a HomeGauge folder here already (i.e. you already copied it from the devices internal memory) its time to create one. if you do already skip to 4.
    3.5 New>folder>HomeGauge
  4. Long press on the HomeGauge folder icon, a bunch of check boxes should come up but only the HomeGauge folder should be checked.
  5. Press on More on the menu bar (mine is on the bottom)
  6. Select properties.
  7. You should see a path that is used by android to determine where the files are. Press “Copy fullpath”. Its now in your clipboard.
  8. Cancel properties, and exit ES File Explorer
  9. Open HG companion app
  10. Menu>More>HomeGauge Data Folder
  11. Delete everything from current setting
  12. Paste whats on your clipboard (usually long press and select “paste”)
  13. Press “Change Folder Now”
  14. Exit HG app
  15. To make sure the HG app is not running in the active apps it needs to be killed, you can reboot your device or use a app killer or device manager. I just long press on my home button on my phone and swipe it away to kill it.
  16. Open HG app
    16.5 Select Report Template if you had to create a new HomeGauge folder, and download from HomeGauge to build the folder structure
  17. If you have copied your HomeGauge folder from the devices internal memory you should be able to Menu>Open Report

That should be it, tried to be as detailed as possible as I don’t know your skill level on android. As nice as the folks at HG are, they don’t offer much support on this stuff, my guess is that they want you to purchase there HG services @ $300 a year :roll:

If you’re still having trouble, shoot me an email or phone call. Not a bother at all.


Thanks - you are a wiz!

I manually entered the path, but using ES explorer creates a path without the final “”, and that seems to be what worked.

Too bad HomeGauge didn’t indicate the file path was invalid, but that was the case.

Thanks again.