Android camera

Anyone use this yet

Bob E you out there

I still like it as a camera.
The perhaps main issue is lack of a built in stabilizer.

Surprised more mobile fans are not using actually.

I think the HIP app is working with it well at this point and will download the newest beta.
Still practice with it but keep hoping Dom will come up with a way I can take pics into a group folder and slot them from it rather than slotting before the shot as that would make a big leap for me.

Each beta makes it a little better in my mind however .

The camera comes with two batteries and they are needed if taking 100 plus shots.
When I mention issues I must show a picture and for my business model that is needed as IMO it is a superior report.

There will be times one must take a picture with no time to slot as you go so being able to slot off the folder directly is needed .
You simply can not remember which section to go to and add it from gallery.

You may need a plumbing picture followed immediately by a structure shot and at present that is lots of clicking which is on site time consuming.
Doing it backwards would save that time.

We use it everyday. It is nice to have a camera and tablet in one.

I have a suggestion. Go around the property several times, inside and out. Each time, do a different portion of the inspection. Electric, then plumbing, etc…
Then, all of your pictures will be “slotted” for you when you go to put them in the report.

That would be ridiculous and add time.
Imagine doing that at multiple floor inspections which I have frequently.

The key is fewer clicks.

Have not given up on it yet as I said the beta are making pics a little faster every time but have always nagged Dom on pictures and speed as an important combo.

The text part comes easy with good shots if that is your method.

I could post example after example of things my camera caught but missed on site such as a few days ago when I stuck my camera in a ceiling and caught water under a bathroom shower leaking that could not have been seen with the eye.Gamma and contrast brought it out as it was an enclosed area far away through the floor joists.

I have done it both ways, and it takes hardly any more time. You are looking at the same amount of defects either way, which is what you are taking pictures of. When I get back to the office, the pictures are all grouped together and I can import them into the report. The next step, is to do this on site. As I walk around, click the picture box on my report, take the picture, done. I suspect that taking over 200 pictures on average, it will save me at least 45 minutes per inspection report.

Before you call something ridiculous, you might want to at least give it a try. :cool:

Sure I will go to the roof and the basement to report on the AC and then climb back up again to do the roof comments ?

I love going into muddy crawl spaces 3 times during an inspection.

It was a suggestion. Perhaps you could rearrange the inspection process.

Maybe you could do the roof last, right after the a/c…

Sorry I offered any advise…

Why be sorry?
All input is good.
Never take reply personal.
Actually Just downloaded new beta with all picks in one page so getting close.
Next step may be ability to move them from that folder to different sections.

In that case, I just inspected a 2,400 sq ft. home with a wind mitigation inspection and 4-point inspection. 200 pictures.
All slotted in their respective folders, in 20 minutes. Then imported into the inspection report in 10. Now I have to add the narratives for the defects.

The plan is, to insert the pictures as a one click operation, take the picture and put it in the report where it goes, then, using a voice program, label the defect.

The only problem I see is that the original size of the picture will be lost after I compress the photos in the report.

Which software you using again?
My fastest possible time is 10 seconds per slotting on desktop.
Due to scrolling and clicks plus zoom 15 seconds with Android on site which adds that much time to the inspection minimum as captions are key to me for location or notes at minimum as well.

You need to build a caption library, it takes me no where near that amount of time to slot pics at home or onsite

I’ve done it both ways too and for me it added at least 45 mins of extra walking. The TX form is a system by system, so I would go around just do electrical, then plumbing, then, in the structural system, I would only the walls, then the ceilings and floors, then windows, then the doors etc… The reason why I started doing it that was because of the stupidest reporting program I used to use. It made it faster then have things in order.
Once I switched to HIP, I started inspecting room by room. Much faster that way, but less of a workout :slight_smile:

I use MS Publisher.
Attached is one of the picture pages. The pictures of the old Durango are placeholders.
I double click on one of the pictures and then go to the folder where the picture I want is located, then it is inserted. That is the easy part. I have a bunch of folders, plumbing, electric, wind mit, etc…, where the pictures have to be slotted to first. That is the time consuming part.

It is almost impossible to get all of the pictures in the groups you want because you have exterior electrical, interior electrical, and so forth. But, you can group them as outside pics, inside pics, attic pics, etc…and then have the electrical, plumbing, etc…,pics in those sub groupings.

Ideally, it would be great, using the camera you have to run the inspection software on it, then, just click the placeholder as you come to the deficiencies, snap a picture and it is automatically inserted. Then, you could, using the text to voice on the android keyboard, just speak each defect and then it would appear below the picture. Also, using the inspection software, the description of the defect would automatically go to the section where it belongs as well as, if you have one, a summary page.

After you are done taking all the pictures, which have been inserted in their proper spots, and added the descriptions via voice, when you are done, you are done. Now it is just a matter of making a pdf of it and sending it to the client.

I am looking to see if it can be done with an iPad so I can use Publisher. I may have to do some editing, but it would be better than the 2 hours it took to compile the last report.

Our condos down here are rarely more than one floor and the ones that are have elevators, luckily for me!
On vacant condos, I bring the laptop and do the reports right there as it only takes 45 minutes to do the report.

Not saying you are lying but simply do not believe that.

build you library caption and try it…

I have a full library.
I can type out most faster since every narrative needs location and exception narrative anyway.
Try swift keys app on the Android market.

You are saying I’m lying…not that it matters. What do I gain from that? I could care less if you like take 3 hours to do a report.

I’m just saying I was where you are at and I changed it.

Obviously not