founder quotes Nick Gromicko in IR camera article.

Watch out, Nick.

I did a big interview with Angie’s list, all about thermal imaging.

I stressed the fact (the the inerviewer kept coming back to) that we DO NOT see behind walls.

What was the headline in the article (in both the Chicago Tribune and Angie’s List news letter?

“Some Home Inspectors have X-ray Vision!”

Wish there was some way to sue these people for false “journalism”.

Sounds sexier than “Some Home Inspectors Have Camera That Can Depict Images of Surface Temperatures”

William: I’d like to apologize if you felt you were misrepresented in any way.
Once the Angie’s List staff submits an article to a newspaper, the paper’s copy editors and editorial staff may change our suggested headlines to best suit the needs and/or space requirements of their product. We do our best to provide readers with accurate information, and the article itself should represent that effort.

Creative Journalism? Expressing literary license?

I wouldn’t get too worked up about it. I remember a technical interview (my first) that I gave back in the '80’s on ISDN. When the article came out, my “quotes” were different that what I had said.

Nick will tell you, any exposure is good exposure. Even it’s not exactly true.

Good article.

Nice title… :mrgreen:
Improved technology can lower energy costs

By Angie Hicks • August 22, 2008

I am not as worked up as my post implied. I regularly get interviewed and try to be as accurate as possible, but sometimes the “journalist” has a different agenda.

More often, the writer is trying to get a bigger point across to the reader and does not get the exact quote that they want to get that point across.

Sometimes, a modicum of strict inaccuracy, in pursuit of a greater good is understandable.

Maybe a better headline would have been “Seeing beyond the visual”.

That has a certain ring to it… :wink: