AngiLeads Home Advisor Thumbtack and other lead generation services

Stay away from all three. They love your money and will suck you dry in a big hurry. If it sounds to good to be true remember that is probably is.

I agree with Nick…gotta have a phone number. I also visited your site and your logo click is a broken link, just FYI. Best of luck getting things off the ground!

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Don’t do it. I use Angi/Home Advisor and I hate them with a passion. Trying to do anything with your account is next to impossible. The customer service they give you is garbage. The leads are 90% garbage. Only through Angi have I ever had customers call me already mad at me. They will sell leads to anyone that sends me money, so what they orignally set out to do is not what they do anymore but the customers don’t know that. If you don’t mind paying money for tire kickers and people wanting something for free, then go for it. Otherwise steer clear. The only upside is that if you turn your leads off for a month they will give them to you for half off, which is what they should cost to begin with.

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Oh one more tip if you do decide to use them. Angi will give you 2 refunds per month without even reviewing them, make sure you are using these. I suspect you will though because you will want refunds on all the trash they send you.