Angle iron bracing in attic

I found this on an inspection yesterday. The angle iron is being used to hold together rafters where the roof changes slope. It looks like the weight of the roof has caused the bolts to crack the wood in some places. I ultimately called it out for a structural engineer to evaluate but was wondering if anyone else has seen this before.

Yes, and I did the same as you, Joe. :+1:

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The picture that you posted is not a crack it was cut intentionally to create the different pitch.
They sure expended a lot of time an effort for something that could have been simplified during the original framing to create what they did.
Was that typical of all the rafters, I only seem to see one.
What did the outside look like at that roof area.
Certainly going to need a professional framing contractor to evaluate and repair.


Here is the outside where the roof changes direction. It was not typical of all the rafters - only a hand full covering the width of the room below them.

These are the cracks I was referring to.

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It is definitely not engineered correctly. shorty work. needs SE and a competent builder for repairs.


Well something definitely screwed up, for that last foot of the cut rafter dose not show on the roof plan of the picture and those bolts alone was enough to split that dry looking wood.
I agree with Scott above.
I call that a Mickey Mouse framing. LOL

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It wasn’t the only goofy thing I found in the home😀

Homeowner Construction, and Mr bill, O NO Mister Bill. :smile:

That the one that works for a couple of 6 packs a day? LOL

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google mr bill

Oh, that Mr. Bill. LOL

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Is anyone going to address the severe water staining on the roof decking? It also looks like the angle iron is rusty which further indicated water intrusion.

“If you want something done right… Do it twice.”

I called out the moisture issues. Just never seen the handyman framing before.

It is obvious that it is an older home that has had many roof replacements in the past and had multiple leaks causing the staining. The metal was most likely already rusted when it was installed, The bolts look new. Old leaks and maybe poor ventilation.