Animated Audio for Inspectors

Animation is upon us, and Home Inspectors can put animation on their web site to include up to 5 minutes of your own voice to explain the services you offer. It is a simple program, and it is effective-
If you want to see it in operation, simply go to:
I used a draft mode to conserve space and load time and it is automatically installed anywhere you want it in your actual web site.

If you have any questions about it, and would like to learn more, I am happy to give you all the specifics. I am not selling it, but since I found it works, I wanted to share it to Home Inspectors.

That’s pretty cool. I think hearing a human voice does wonders in marketing.

A nice touch but a little strange how the character’s eyes follow the cursor around after he finishes the delivery.

You are right- you can pre-program how the animated individual stares, it can be man, woman, age determined, hair color, facial features, background, and you can program your own voice into it- The system does the rest.

I thought it was cool and many students have been facinated by it, and it is something I have received e-mails on- so I wanted to share it with NACHI members!

Worth knowing about…thanks, Bill. :wink:

Bill, you’re a funny guy:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks Mickey-

Everyone seems to like an animated person on the net- watch how he follows your mouse pointer after his (my) presentation

That guy is to creepy looking following your mouse around he would drive my customers away. If I wanted to I would shoot a video and use my Pinnacle system software to make a video (in streeming format). I think people respond better to a real proffesional looking human.

I have found the entertainment value for a high tech presentation to be viable.
Everyone has a right to their opinion, however I know of 22 home inspectors who have already decided they want the system. So I am presuming that the entertainment, novelty value appears to be positive rather than negative. Out of the top 500 web rated firms, over 100 use some form of animated figures.

I do understand that if you are a sole inspector and want people to see you, the inspector, then a streaming video of you would be viable- This system allow you to program multiple answers and even allows you to take your photograph and turn it into a character if you decide on going that route.

The other major benefit to this system is the speed in uploading which does not require any add on’s- even dial up customers can see this and view it reasonably well, whereas streaming video feed would take upwards of 5-12 minutes to load on a dial up system depending upon the bandwidth and clarity of the picture. (I know customers would be turned off by waiting even more than 1 minute to see something)

Much luck and success in your career.

Dial up? I haven’t had a customer with dial up in over a year. A good streaming short video clip the size of your clip takes @ 1min. 32 sec. to load.
I don’t know who you have for customers but my customers are all proffesional people who like real vid. clips on broadband.

Some folks in New York have cesspools, well water, dial up internet service and even under 100 channels on their television. I know, it soulnds like the stone ages… we are past 8 track Heard of a new invention, called the VCR- probably a fad. Ha/Ha!

have a great day- thought you would appreciate the humor!

A Suffolk County Town just changed their guidelines to require a cover on an open pit of human waste- not a leeching field, but a pool, similar to a cesspool, but open- I did not know their were open pits of human waste in the vicinity and was surprised to hear that they existed- I know of holding tanks, cesspools, etc. but this way a new one on me- The small must have been profound!

:twisted: Craig: :cool:
Sorry to see you live in such a ''small little world".:roll:
I’m also sorry to here I have to have…Broadband…for you to consider me a professional…:shock:…“Child Please. GROW-UP AND BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS!!!” :mrgreen:
You must realize, some of us choose to live in the ‘true country’. And believe it or not…We connot get broadband…I guess, I’ll just remain a Non professional…That’s your opinion.:stuck_out_tongue:
Ya know what they say about opinions!!
Thanks for shareing your program with us, Bill…I found it very entertaining!! And highly marketable. Good job!
Your work is greatly appreciated.:wink:
Some of us can handle humor#?#?#?:smiley:

Jus’ somethin’ ta chew on…

Jim Barnes
Home-Tech International


Many people don’t realize that almost 1/2 the country doesn’t have broadband, and 15% of American’s can’t get a cell signal for their cell phone-
Even on the Island, in NY we have many areas that have no signal.

Glad you enjoyed the animated figure.

Have a great weekend.