Announcement from PHPIO

[FONT=Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][FONT=Verdana]March 28, 2009

**The Board of Directors of the Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Ontario (PHPIO) is pleased and honoured to make the following announcement.
[size=3]**The CAHPI National Certification Authority (NCA) and The Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Ontario (PHPIO) have signed an agreement recognizing that PHPIO’s standards and requirements conform to those required by the NCA for the National Certificate Holder designation, providing PHPIO members a clear path to becoming National Certificate Holders.
** [/size][/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][FONT=Verdana]This agreement celebrates the PHPIO Mission which states:[/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][FONT=Verdana] __________________________________________________________________________________
[FONT=Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][FONT=Verdana]**PHPIO is committed to offering every home inspector in Ontario, regardless of their past or present affiliation, a clear path to the National Certification. PHPIO offers a provincial voice to represent Ontario inspectors, guidance in their application for
National Certification, individual voting rights for every member and a fair representation of PHPIO values for every Ontario home inspector.

[FONT=Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][FONT=Verdana] This landmark agreement, which reflects the results and recommendations of a review by independent consultants, establishes PHPIO as a professional organization whose members are entitled to preferred NCA application fees, rights and opportunities. The normal application fee is 950. plus GST, but members of organizations with Equivalency Agreements with the NCA, such as the CAHPI provincial units and PHPIO, qualify for a much-reduced fee of 600. + GST.

 Besides the initial cost savings, PHPIO members will also be eligible for annual NCH renewal fees of $ 100 instead of $ 200 which non-members pay. The attractive financial benefits enjoyed by PHPIO members are complemented by an organization that is committed to its members, their futures and the success of the National Certification Program.

 As PHPIO moves forward working to improve the professionalism of the home inspection industry in Ontario, you are encouraged to visit our website]( for the latest news and updates from our profession. The PHPIO Board of Directors is determinedto provide every home inspector a clear path to National Certification. Through our mandate, PHPIO is committed to its members, by allowing them a clear voice in the future of our profession and our organization.

Best regards,
The 2009 PHPIO Board of Directors[/FONT][/FONT]

Congratulations Gentlemen! Your hard work has paid off, Thanks!!

There’s no mention anywhere about how much it costs to join PHPIO.

As of April 1, 2009 the PHPIO annual dues are @ 200. plus GST. (They have been $ 175. but they are scheduled to go up a bit to cover costs.

The NCH fee reduction is not the only benefit. PHPIO has several members who are very conversant with all facets of the National Certification, and this expertise is available to PHPIO members to help make the path to National Certification as simple and uneventful as possible. PHPIO will help members prepare their NCH applications and provide advice about areas in which applicants might need improvement before this all goes in to the NCA for evaluation.

Bill Mullen

Oops, sorry.

The PHPIO fee increase from 175. to 200. doesn’t take effect until June 1, 2009. My apologies.

Bill Mullen

Go to the PHPIO website

The fees are noted (and may be found) in the application form

PHPIO annual membership fees are under $200 per year.

It’s good to have all the possible options (and costs) on the table in the event that Ontario brings in licensing like B.C. has done.

There’s still no word on whether or not CanNachi membership will also be recognized by provincial authorities who issue licenses.

One thing that was clear in the BC licensing - there must be studies completed and the certification of inspectors must be reasonably rigorous. The other key component is mandatory E&O insurance coverage - if something goes wrong. Who does the consumer turn to?

All 3 organizations also have clearly articulated governance in place that deals with the many aspects of running an organization and specifics that deal with discipline and professional practices. But most of all there must be acceptance not just by members, but by other key stakeholders related to this industry.

Without that it is hard to compete at that level.


Currently this is our best option as NACHI members to attain our NC at the reduced rate. The entire BOD at PHPIO has done an excellent job of getting equivalency in such a short period of time. I recommend you get on board as I will. In fact, I recommend ALL Ontario inspectors to join PHPIO, especially if the only other association you are member of is NACHI.

CanNACHI is big on talk and short on ACTION. join PHPIO.

By doing the maths, being NC through PHPIO will save you $150 the first year and cost you $100 yearly thereafter…(not including GST).

But the real question to ask yourself: is there a need / benefit to be NC…

My thoughts only.


I was originally of the same opinion Marcel. I’m planning on retiring in a few years and thought I would not require my NC or my CMI. I have since changed my position on this; IMO ALL Canadian Home Inspectors should have their CMI designation and their NC. The industry is evolving Marcel (as you know), I have only been in this industry for 3 short years and I have witnessed many changes, this is one of these changes we can’t afford not to adopt.

Worth repeating

My PHPIO application goes in the mail this morning.


You know what Mario, I agree!

We should all be accountable for our actions and by being NC it shows that we are responsible.

With Bill M’s encouragement and persistence, I will also be sending in my application to PHPIO.

All the best,

There must be two moons in the sky !!! :slight_smile:

Seriously, Marcel, you will be a welcome addition, as will Mario, Doug and many others who have been corresponding.

We might even have one more trick up our sleeve that will make you even happier. I would (wink, wink) not send in your application until April 1 at the earliest. No guarantees, but if all goes the way I hope it will tomorrow, you will save even more money with PHPIO.

Bill Mullen


I, for one, was not really against the NC, just how it seemed unfair if you were not a CAHPI member, and wondered if there would be any benefit.

A nice logo for the NC and a way for members of the public to locate an NC holder would also be a nice addition to the program.

PHPIO app went into the mail yesterday morning:(

Wont’ get to the office before tomorrow, I hope :smiley:


A nice logo for the NC and a way for members of the public to locate an NC holder would also be a nice addition to the program.


Your wishes are about to be answered soon.

We talked in Toronto last year and I felt then that you were interested but had some justified reservations. Hopefully PHPIO can help us all get rid of the hurdles.

Bill Mullen

I am doing the best I can, given that I am in the minority, to even things out for non-cahpi (now to be called non-equivalency) inspectors.

A major problem is the lack of promotion for sure.

The assessment process is fair, but there wasn’t much advantage in being a National Certificate Holder (until now, when you see that BC licensing has included NCH as one of the recognized qualifications.)

What is really sad is that if certain people in INACHI had been willing, it could have been in the position PHPIO is in now.

Looking forward to it